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Financial Stress

Readers Respond: Top Students' Stress Tips

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Updated December 13, 2010

Students are no strangers to stress--between studying for mid-terms and finals, actually taking the tests, and dealing with the stressors throughout the semester, there's no shortage of stress for students to manage. Fortunately, here's one instance where sharing answers is not only allowed, it's encouraged! The question is: what are your most effective strategies for relieving student stress? The answer: you tell us! Read on for students' top tips for managing stress, and share your own best strategies.

Stay Balanced

I try to do a good--but not perfect--job. When I go for perfect, I spend twice as much time, and double my stress levels, but tend to get only marginally better grades. I take breaks every hour or so, so I don't get burned out.
—Guest Liz

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