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Financial Stress

Readers Respond: Top Stress Relief gift Ideas

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Updated November 29, 2010

When gift-giving occasions come up, it's always good to have a few really great gift ideas up your sleeve--and what could be greater than gifts that relieve stress? Stress relief gifts are thoughtful and they're the gifts that truly keep on giving. Here you'll find readers' best stress relief gift ideas, as well as some of my own. To partake in the spirit of giving, you can also share your favorite stress relief gift ideas as they come to mind. Happy giving!


I like to crochet scarves for people. In the past, I've also made scrapbooks. I think handmade gifts have a special appeal--people know you care enough to put in effort to make something special, so even if it's not expensive, it's a really nice gift. Just don't make anything really cheesy--try to match the gift to the person's tastes.
—Guest Anne

Low Cost Stress Relief Gifts

To make economic stress relief gifts I suggest making personalized baskets. You can use anything to hold the items - small baskets / coffee mugs / tea pots / bowls - to make your own personalized gift basket, what you choose is up to you and what you think the recipient would like. (Try dollar tree or yard sales to find items) I use one large bag of potpori for the base of all my "baskets" - usually vanilla scented because it is relaxing and goes well with other scents, plus it is easier to find. Then fill each "basket" with any of the following (at least 2): candles, lotion, room spray, eye mask, nail care items/sets, home decor items with inspirational sayings, book marks, tea bags. Which you choose again depends on who it is for but I do recomend picking a theme and scents/colors that match. For example: for a stressed out college student I would get a plastic bathroom type basket and fill with lotion, body wash, a poof, a candle or two, ear plugs & a eye mask.
—Guest Elizabeth

Swiss Colony, reasonable catalogs.

Money is tight (wasn't into marrying rich guy to, "re-raise" me, didn't choose men well, blah, etc.) & Swiss Colony allows set amounts for pre-orders. Caution: Many quality items, but be careful w/chocolates/cakes. Some are rather difficult to eat, taste/consistency-wise. So stick w/choc. covered pretzels, nuts & popcorn tins are great.
—Guest Deb

the gift of no gifts

If you have people in your circle of friends whom you know are experiencing financial stress or are very busy (too busy to shop), tell them that you DO NOT want them to buy a gift for you. If need be, give them a wish list of "free gifts" like 1. go have lunch with me after the holidays or 2. invite me over for tea or 3. treat yourself to a stress-relieving experience and then tell me all about its benefits.
—Guest Lynn

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