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Readers Respond: Top Activities That Promote A Sense Of Flow

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Updated July 12, 2010

From the article: Flow
Finding flow--a state of total absorption in a given activity to the point of being in a near meditative state--can be great for your mental health and wellness. Finding flow in your work, play and daily life can create considerably greater life satisfaction as well. Find a list of flow-inducing activities and tips to try, and share your own favorite strategies here.


I have 2 rescue dogs. Training them reminds me that I am Alpha, the one in control. Loving them along the way gives me great satisfaction. After training, we play together.

Bring Humour in Life

When I am stressed, I watch funny movies. Instead of watching the whole movie, I repeatedly watch the most hilarious scenes of the funniest movies of my collection. I laugh my stresses out. I also read jokes when I am stressed on the internet, magazines and books.


Recycling various discarded things and converting them into something new and useful items gives me a dual feeling. One of helping the environment to lessen pollution and the other of a unique piece of art.
—Guest javeria


On one hand, I love writing and I do lose myself in it. On another, it takes lots of mental energy. If I am stressed, I can't write, play piano or read. The only thing that helps is going away and seeing new places. Although, I don't lose myself in that as such.
—Guest Jane


Walking my dog on a beach or in the park, just getting the fresh air and being with him really makes me feel calm and stress free.
—Guest Rosie

Music in My Head

Listening to music (headphones) sends me to a different realm of existence. When I listen to my music while working/puttering, I get the work done without feeling the boredom of drudgery at all.
—Guest Cheryll

Creating Some New Craft Item

I can lose myself in creating a new craft item. The planning, drawing, preparing and completeing it, gets me away the stresses in my life. I create cloth dolls, angel bath mitts, pin cushions, bookmarks and recycled calender envelopes. This helps me to relax and not to think of the problems in my world or around me or my health issues.


When I work in my garden, I lose track of time and can forget everything that's stressing me pretty easily. And I have great tomatoes!
—Guest Chris


I love to play the piano. I only know about two or three songs that I can play for memory, but I love to lose myself and play them.
—Guest Cameron

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