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Readers Respond: Top Tips for Obtaining And Maintaining A Peaceful Home

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Updated September 27, 2010

From the article: Elements of a Peaceful Home
Maintaining a peaceful home environment is an important part of overall stress management; coming from and returning to a peaceful place can give you energy for the rest of the day, whereas an emotionally draining home can sap your energy for other important areas of life, compounding your stressors. What are your best tips for obtaining and maintaining a peaceful home? Sometimes simple steps can yield big results, and there are many effective steps that anyone can take. See what has worked for other readers, and share your own best tips here!


Relaxing background music can contribute towards a peaceful environment. Loud, discordant noise, on the other hand, is stressful. Lately I have been using a Foxtel [pay TV] channel, which continually plays light classical music [audio only] providing a soothing background sound for our home. At the risk of upsetting news junkies, I suggest turning off the news broadcasts [most news reported is bad news] on television. After the morning or evening slot, there is no need to watch more news. Violent video games or violent shows on TV do not contribute to a peaceful home. Reading uplifting, inspirational books or conversing with loved ones is much more beneficial to peace of mind and harmonious interaction with family members.
—Guest Edward Infield

Soothe With Scents

When I was younger, my mom never had scented things in our home that I liked, and often didn't have any at all. I find that using aromatherapy is extremely helpful, as well as making sure that air is constantly moving through my home.
—Guest charlotte

Let It Go

I used to stress about having a messy home. Suddenly, cleaning was my top priority, which caused other stress. ("Don't play there! I just cleaned!!") Now I relax and enjoy my kids, and get to cleaning when I get to it. My house is messier than it was when I was obsessing, but our home is definitely more peaceful.
—Guest Marie

Pare Down

I regularly go through my house and get rid of stuff we don't need anymore. Even if it has SOME sentimental value, unless it has a LOT of meaning to me, I'd rather have the uncluttered home!
—Guest Kelly

Hire Help!

When my kids were small, it was more work to have someone come and clean once a week--we had to have everything picked up the night before, after the kids fell asleep. Now that they're older, it's revolutionized my life! I spend SO much less time cleaning, and my house always feels great. If you have the means (and it's compatible with your stage of life), I highly recommend having someone help clean.
—Guest Anne

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