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Celebrate Stress Awareness Month

Make the Most of Stress Awareness Month--All April Long


Updated April 10, 2014

Because April is Stress Awareness Month, this month is the optimal time to learn more about stress management and create a life that includes less stress all year long. (If you have found this article during a month that is not April, you have my permission and encouragement to "pretend," and make the most of this month by learning about stress management anyway--your body will than you for it!) Below you will find a collection of simple and effective tools for recognizing, minimizing, and managing stress in your life, starting today!

1. Learn The Basics of Stress

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Stress is an unavoildable part of life, and not all stress is necessarily bad for you. Some types of stress, for example, can actually be healthy and necessary. Other types may not be pleasant, but they don't do serious damage. some types of stress, however, can create havoc on your body, potentially affecting nearly every aspect of your health. Learn more about stress--the good, the bad, and the health-threatening--and how you can better manage it in your life.

2. Become Aware Of Your Personality Type and Stress

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Stress can affect different people in unique ways. This is because our personality types can greatly affect what we do and do not experience as "stressful." These quizzes can help you to assess whether you are an optimist or pessimist, whether you have perfectionistic tendencies or are "Type A," and assess other areas of your personality that can affect your stress levels. You'll also find resources to let you know what you can do to manage stress in ways that work best for you.

3. Learn Some Short-Term Stress Relievers That Work For You

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When your stress response is triggered, you respond to new stressors differently than you normally would. You may feel overwhelmed by what you are facing, and may handle situations in ways that create more stress! Learn how to quickly reverse your stress response so you can be operating from a place of strength and calm.

4. Develop Some Long-Term Habits That Promote Resilience

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Imagine if some of the things that cause you stress now could simply roll off your back instead? Fortunately, there are specific techniques you can do that will make this a reality. Certain habits, if practiced over time, can help you to become more resilient toward stress. These techniques can help you to relieve stress in the short term and feel less stressed by what you face in life in general. Try one--or several--and change the way you experience stress!

5. Get Ongoing Support

One of the most important take-aways from Stress Awareness Month is this: stress management works well over time. Strategies you practice today can help you to feel more relaxed and less stressed right now. However, practicing these techniques over time can give you added resilience toward future stress. Learning how you can change aspects of your life to minimize stress, or work with your personality style to find ways to better manage it, can also give you a leg up. That's why keeping stress awareness as a small but consistent part of your life is important. This site offers a wealth of information and resources on stress reduction, and I’ve compiled several different options to help you tailor your experience to your needs. Sign-up for the weekly newsletter, visit the blog, connect to the page via social media, or do all of the above, and receive a little or a lot of information in convenient chunks. This is how you can change your life for the better, the stress-less way!

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