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Low-Stress Study Tips for Finals Season


Updated June 30, 2012

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Study Tip #4 - Get Organized
Low-Stress Study Tips for Finals Season

Maintaining an organized study space is worth the effort. ©iStockPhoto.com

Organization comes naturally to some, but is also a learned skill that brings great benefits to those who develop it. Being organized with notes can make the difference between easily finding and integrating the information you need, and not knowing where to find those all-important notes. An organized schedule helps you to pace yourself so you have enough time to spend on each subject and avoid pulling all-nighters. Being organized in your living quarters can keep you from being stressed by clutter. You get the idea; putting focus into being organized can save you stress and wasted energy in many areas of academic life, and never is that more obvious than during finals season! The following are specific areas where student organization can really pay off.
  • Start Studying Early
    If you begin studying before you think you need to, you can go at a more relaxed pace, increasing the possibility that you’ll retain what you learn. Because the stress response can make it more difficult to remember certain facts, avoiding the stress of cramming can help you learn more efficiently.

  • Have a Study Area
    If you do most of your studying in the same place, you not only reduce the risk of losing important papers, but you can condition yourself to be more ready for learning when you sit down there. Be sure to pick a place that’s quiet, distraction-free, and clutter-free.

  • Create Efficient Notes
    If you condense the most important pieces of information on a set of note cards that you create for yourself, the act of creating the cards, as well as the ease of using them, can help you to retain the information more easily.

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