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College Life 101: How To Reduce Stress in College


Updated July 06, 2014

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Get Organized

Creating a schedule and study space that work for you can go a long way in minimizing stress in school.

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College students face a significant amount of stress due to various factors. (Read this article for more on causes of college stress.) Many aspects of college life, as well as the stress that comes with it, can all impact a student’s physical and emotional health. If you’re a college student facing stress, here are some ways you can maintain good health and keep your sanity.

Many students find it challenging to go from having ample parental support and structure to creating their own structure and self-discipline. With all the fun and temptation to party, coupled with the looser structure of classes, many students find themselves cramming, pulling all-nighters, and struggling with keeping up. In college, it’s important to stay organized.

  • Create a Space
    As you set up your living space, be sure there’s a quiet space for you to focus and concentrate. If your roommate is noisy or ever-present, that may mean finding a favorite nook in the library or coffee shop to frequent. Otherwise, set up a nice desk for yourself where you can keep everything you need, focus, and get things done.
  • Create a Schedule
    When planning your activities, be sure you allow yourself the time you need to study and get work done. You may require more time than you realize at first, so it’s best to over-estimate when it comes to study hours, so you don’t have to pull all-nighters and end up paying for it the next few days.
  • Avoid Common Pitfalls
    Read up on these college stress traps and find out what else you need to avoid.
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