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Mother Care and Stress Relief

Here's How Mothers Can Care For Themselves and Feel Their Best


Updated May 27, 2012

Mother Care and Stress Relief

Self care is an important part of stress relief, especially for mothers.

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Mothers are so busy taking care of everyone else in the family, mothers often put themselves last on the list—or leave themselves off the list altogether! However, since the rest of the family relies heavily on moms, they need to take care of themselves, and accept help from others as well. The following are self care resources for mothers:
  • Body Care: Mothers need to keep their bodies in prime condition, or suffer some potentially serious consequences down the road. And aside from avoiding illness, moms who eat right, get enough sleep, and in other ways take good care of their bodies experience greater levels of energy, lower levels of stress, and good feelings of self esteem. In fact, some forms of exercise can be fun to do with kids, so everyone gets the benefits.

  • Home Spa: Moms deserve pampering, but don’t always have the time or budget to get away for some spa time. Fortunately, it’s easy to turn one’s bathroom into a home spa and enjoy the relaxation and beauty benefits of a sublime soak.

  • Time Alone: Again, while mothers usually have very busy schedules, fitting in even fifteen minutes a day for some quite time alone can bring valuable benefits. Taking time out for journaling, meditation, or just being alone with one’s thoughts are all important ways for mothers stay in touch with who they are outside of their relationship roles.

  • Say No: Most new mothers find no shortage of people telling them what they should be doing to best take care of their little ones, and the steady stream of advice new mothers receive eventually turns into a consistent series of time demands. If a mother doesn’t learn where to draw the line, she can find herself seriously overcommitted. Learning how to say no is a skill that all moms deserve to develop—for their family’s sanity and their own.

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