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What is Wellness? Learn All About Wellness


Updated May 17, 2010

What is Wellness? Learn All About Wellness

What is wellness? It's strongly linked to stress relief.

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Definition: Wellness is more than the mere absence of illness; wellness is about thriving. But just what is wellness? Wellness encompasses adequate to optimal functioning in several areas: physical wellness, emotional wellness, and psychological wellness, for example. And wellness in general is closely related to stress management.

Research shows that stress impacts immunity, which can lead to greater health problems. Studies also find that stress can lead to emotional eating and other self-sabotage behaviors that can impact health. Stress can also lead to psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety. Therefore, stress management can impact many areas of what we think of when we think of what is wellness. Creating and maintaining a healthy plan for stress relief in your life can be an important step toward maintaining overall wellness.

We've also found that certain factors contribute to overall wellness more potently than others. Maintaining a positive outlook, for example, or creating strong social support in your life have both been found to be great stress relievers, and can contribute greatly to wellness. Meditation and mindfulness are also important. Even taking care of your body by getting regular exercise, can be beneficial for your body and your mind--exercise is a great way to relive stress!

The following wellness resources can help you with stress relief and the development of a lifestyle that promotes overall wellness:

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