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Music Therapy


Updated February 21, 2012

Music Therapy
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Definition: Music therapy is a branch of health care designed to aid physical and emotional health through the use of music, either with listening, song writing, performing, exploring lyrics or other activities related to music. Because of the effects of music on the body, it is often found as part of stress management programs or used in conjunction with exercise, and is uses in a variety of health care settings, with very good results in both short-term conditions and more serious long-term ones. For example, music can slow the body's physiology and facilitate physical relaxation, or can speed up the body's physiology to create increased energy. Music can influence emotions virtually instantaneously, which can help with stress relief as well.

While music therapy is an emerging field, music iteslf has many benefits for health and stress management, and can be used in daily life to relieve stress and promote wellness. (This is not formal music therapy, but it can be effective for stress relief.) Read this article for more information on music and music therapy. Read this for more on how to use music for daily stress relief. The book, "Your Playlist Can Change Your Life," provides more research on how music affects physiology and can be used for stress relief or other uses.

This site contains a large amount of stress relief resources. See this page for more ongoing resources for stress management.

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