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Stress and Womens Health: Reduce Stress and Stay Healthy


Updated November 17, 2007

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Stress and Womens Health: Reduce Stress and Stay Healthy
Stress and Womens Health: Reduce Stress and Stay Healthy

Social support is an important stress reliever for womens health. ©iStockPhoto.com

Women face special stresses, and have unique needs when it comes to stress relievers and healthy lifestyle choices. The following are different ways women can make lifestyle changes to promote their health.

Social support can be a great stress reliever. Friends can help us in many ways, from offering a supportive ear to lending a helping hand. Studies have shown that those who have strong social support tend to be healthier, happier and less stressed. For women, especially, this is an important part of life to nurture, as women tend to deal with stress more often by sharing feelings and forming supportive networks.

One stumbling block to friendships for women is that we find ourselves more and more busy these days. Demands of work, children, or other commitments can take over the time that was previously free to pursue friendships, so it’s important for women to make an effort to develop social support in their lives.

The following resources for social support can help you to develop the nurturing friendships you need to help you through the stressful times and get more enjoyment out of the fun times.

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