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Five Simple Stress Reducers to Try Now


Updated February 22, 2012

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Cut Out Major Stressors
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If you're too busy at work or at home, this can build up and lead to feelings of being overwhelmed.

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Stress Reducer #5: Cut Out What You Can

Sometimes a large proportion of our stress comes from one situation in our lives that causes chronic stress. This could be a difficult job, an unhappy relationship, a too-packed schedule, or another situation that continually causes stress. Do you find yourself stressing over the same situation constantly? It could be a powerful stress reducer strategy to address the specific situation as much as you can, and stave off the level of stress produced in your life. The following resources can help with common chronic stress-inducing situations:
  • Job Satisfaction: Job stress is a significant source of overall lifestyle stress because we spend so much time at work, and a negative experience on the job can put us in a bad mood when we get home, and instill a feeling of dread when we wake up in the morning. That’s no way to live! Read on for more about job stress and how to manage stress at work.
  • Relationship Stress: Our relationships can be our greatest source of support and meaning in life, but can also cause the greatest levels of stress. If you have an unhappy marriage or if your other relationships are conflicted, it can color your experience in life. Altering or eliminating stressful relationships in your life and replacing them with harmonious, supportive ones is a very valuable stress reducer strategy. It may take a little work, but the payoff is huge. Here are some communication skills to try.
  • Too Busy: Many of us are busier than we’d like to be, and, even when we’re busy with exciting activities, if we stay too busy for too long, it can become too stressful. If you have an already-busy schedule and there’s an emergency or unexpected additional demand that comes up, things can become overwhelming quickly. If you live your life on the verge of being overwhelmed, it’s probably time to cut some activities out of your schedule to make room for quiet moments, spontaneity and stress relief. Here are some strategies for creating a new life plan.

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