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Five Simple Stress Reducers to Try Now


Updated February 22, 2012

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Reduce Stress With Exercise
Five Simple Stress Reducers to Try Now

Getting some exercise is a stress reducer strategy that brings far-reaching benefits.

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Stress Reducer #2: Exercise

Exercise is a fantastic stress reducer and overall wellness enhancer. Exercise can help you to keep your weight down and your longevity up, but is a heavy-duty stress reducer for a few different reasons:
  • Outlet: Exercise provides you with a physical outlet for frustrations and stress. When you're pounding the pavement with a good jog, or kicking your frustrations out in martial arts classes, you get better exercise than you probably would if you were punching a pillow at home, and it's usually more effective because you're using your whole body to release frustrations.
  • Distraction: Exercise can work as a distraction tool, to get you out of the environments that cause stress, and into more controlled environments (nature, spin classes, surrounded by others who also want to relive stress) that are more conducive to stress relief. Just getting out of a stressed space can do wonders for your mood!
  • Natural High: Exercise also releases endorphins, which can help you feel good—or great! Changing the physiological mix inside your body can be a very powerful stress reducer tool because it can change your whole experience of stress.
  • Long-Term Stress Relief: Exercise can actually make you less reactive to stress in the long run, so you feel less stressed overall.

See this for ideas on getting started with exercise as a stress reliever.

Read on for more highly effective stress reducers, and if you find this resource helpful, feel free to share this.

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