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Stress Management with Pinterest

Pinterest: An Effective Tool for Stress Management


Updated January 16, 2014

Stress Management with Pinterest

Pinterest can be a vehicle to stress management in several ways--and all of them are fun!

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Many social media sites have been used for maintaining relationships, passing along interesting information and improving stress management. Pinterest is an engaging site that can be used for all of these ends and more.

If you're not already familiar with Pinterest, it offers some unique possibilities. Self-described as a "virtual pin board" that "lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web," Pinterest can be used for more than sharing decorating ideas and recipes. Pinterest can also be used as a vehicle for goal-setting, sharing with friends and learning about stress management.

The following are some creative and effective ways to use Pinterest for fun and stress relief.

Pinterst Hobby Engagement

It's important to find time for fun in your life. Hobbies can be a fantastic stress reliever, and Pinterest can help you hone your hobbies. Ideal for knitters, crafters, chefs and a wide variety of hobbyists, Pinterest can help you learn about a new hobby, keep track of your current projects and plan creative, new ones.
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Pinterest Goal-Setting

Pinterest seems like a potential time drain at first glance (and it definitely can be), but it can be used for improving productivity. Setting and maintaining goals can be easy and more enjoyable with the use of Pinterest. Simply create a "pin board" for goals, add or subtract information and tips about various goals or create a unique pin board for each goal and maintain a collection of resource articles. As you get closer to your goals or as your goals change, so can your pins. And you can connect with others who share your goals or inspire others, which brings an added benefit.
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Pinterest Vision Boards

Many people enjoy creating "vision boards." Some people believe these boards work well in conjunction with the law of attraction in bringing what they like into the reality of life. Others find them to be a great way to keep their motivation up as they strive toward goals because they represent a visual reminder of what they really want.

People also find that it's a good way to simply keep track of goals so they don't lose focus. Vision boards can even function as personalized art that is pleasurable to look at because they contain hopes, dreams and favorite things. Pinterest provides a convenient and simple way to create and maintain a vision board. Rather than drawing, cutting and pasting pictures onto a board that may take up space in your home, you can construct a beautiful and creative board that resides in your computer, so it's always there when you want it. Even better, you can share this vision board with your friends and get new ideas from people across the network. You'll never lose vision and you certainly won't be bored. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)
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Pinterest Information-Sharing

Because virtually any page on the Internet can be made into a "pin" and shared via Pinterest, this useful site can function as a vehicle to share articles with your friends or with others in the Pinterest community. That means articles on health, fitness, decorating, gardening, fashion or, yes, stress management. It can be especially fun to search for a topic and see all the great pinned articles that others have shared on that topic. (Here's a link to articles from this site.)
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Pinterest Social Connection

One of the most obvious and fun uses for sites like Pinterest is the social connection you can enjoy while you share your hobbies, interests, humorous photos and engaging articles with your friends. Social connection can be good for more than just fun. Strong social relationships can be good for stress relief. Also, if you are working on bettering yourself, the positive peer pressure that comes from announcing it to friends can help keep you on track with your goals.
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