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Stress and Your Immune System

Here's the latest information you need to know about stress and its effects on your immune system's functioning.

Stress Management: A Natural Way To Avoid Colds and the Flu, and Stay Healthy
You may be getting flu shots, taking vitamins and washing your hands, but practicing stress management techniques is an important and all-natural way to stay healthy during cold and flu season and avoid more serious health problems year round. Learn more about how stress can affect your health, the link between stress and sickness, and what you...

How Stress Affects The Immune System
About’s Mental Health guide discusses the different types of events that trigger stress and how this stress effects the immune system’s functioning, an important read for anyone experiencing stress who wants to stay healthy. (Doesn’t that include all of us?)

Daily Stress and Your Immune System
Most of us know that chronic stress can have a negative impact on immunity and overall health. But this study shows that even minor ups and downs associated with everyday stress can affect immunity as well. Here’s what you need to know.

Optimism and the Immune System
Yes, here’s proof that having an optimistic thinking style can help you handle stress better and translate into a better-functioning immune system! Read the specifics here.

Stress Intensifies Cold and Flu Symptoms
Many studies have shown a link between stress and illness. Here is another that shows how stress can intensify the common cold.

Stress: A Cause of Cancer?
Has a link been found between stress and cancer? Yes and no. This well-researched article has some great information and resources to keep you informed and help you make healthy choices, just to be safe.

The Effects of Stress and Psychological Disorders on The Immune System
Here’s an amazingly thorough research paper analyzing many aspects of stress and its effects on the immune system, including what cognitive coping strategies are less effective, what conditions can be caused by stress, and more.

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