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Sex as a Stress Reliever

Here's some information on sex and stress that you should know!

How Stress Can Lead to Low Libido
Stress can lead to low libido in several ways. Read more about the link between stress and low libido and find ways to reduce your stress and increase your sex drive.

Sex and Stress Management: The Stress-Relieving Benefits of Sex, and How to...
Sex can have great stress management benefits! Unfortunately, people who are experiencing a lot of stress can feel a decrease in libido. Learn more about the tension-relieving benefits of sex, and find techniques to manage stress and improve your sex life at the same time!

Sex and Stress Management: How To Get In The Mood When Youre Too Stressed...
Sex can be a great stress reliever, with the physical and emotional release, social support, and release of endorphins. However, at times stress can affect one's libido. When excessive stress leads to low sex drive, sex sometimes goes by the wayside. From music and aromatherapy to diet, exercise and other lifestyle changes, here are some quick...

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