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How Happy Are You? The Happiness Assessment Test

Is Your Lifestyle Conducive To Happiness?


Updated June 15, 2014

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Are you as happy as you could be?

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According to a survey from About.com Health and a recent poll on this site, many of us aren't as happy as we'd like to be. Unfortunately, making the choice to 'be more happy' isn't a simple decision because people often don't know if their overall happiness level is 'normal' or, if not, they don't fully understand why they aren't happy in the first place. It's also difficult to know what specific changes can bring more happiness. The following self test can enable you to pinpoint what areas of your life may be detracting from your overall happiness level, rates your lifestyle as it pertains to the promotion of happiness, and provides specific resources for change if you find you'd like to be happier and find more satisfaction in life. Even if you're generally a happy person, this quiz may be an excellent tool in helping you find ways to enjoy life even more! Take The Happiness Self Test

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