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Finding Balance - Valuable Tips For The Stressed and Busy


Updated July 11, 2014

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De-Clutter Your Life
Finding Balance - Valuable Tips For The Stressed and Busy

Part of finding balance is clearing clutter from the inside!

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Have you seen those home makeover shows where they clear out all the clutter in a room, and then reorganize the room by returning only those things that are vital to the happiness of the homeowners? You can use the same process to reorganize your life. In your mind, clear the clutter from your schedule and imagine it empty. Then return only the things that are vital to your survival -- your job and sleep, for example. Then bring other things back into your schedule in their order of importance, adding new things that are important as well (like time for exercise), and leaving out things that are draining you or stressing you, like obligations that you’d rather not keep. This exercise can give you a greater idea of what things in your life are feeding you, and what things you may want to eliminate. (Note: Some more popular pieces of 'schedule clutter' include mediocre television shows, time spent with people who drain you, time spent doing tasks that could be streamlined.)

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