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What stresses you the most? What do you do to relieve stress? These articles all offer you the chance to share your experiences, read about other peoples', and learn more about each topic. Join the conversation!

Best Procrastinators' Tips On How To Stop Procrastination
Are you a procrastinator? What hasn’t worked for you in the past—and what has? Share your best procrastinator’s tips below, and read other procrastinators' best tips for beating procrastination.

Finding a Hobby – Top Hobby Ideas for Stress Relief
Finding a hobby can be a simple and effective way to relieve stress. A hobby can be an outlet for eustress, a source of gratification, and a much-needed break from the daily stress of life. Looking to find a hobby that can help you relieve stress? Or did you already find a hobby that helps you de-stress? Share your best stress-relief hobby...

Stress Relief Gift Ideas - Top Stress Relief Gift Ideas
When gift-giving occasions come up, it's always good to have a few really great gift ideas up your sleeve--and what could be greater than gifts that relieve stress? Here you'll find readers' best stress relief gift ideas, and the opportunity to share your own.

Time Management Tips - Best Time Management Tips for Stress Relief
Time management is an important part of stress management, and everyone has their own strategies for squeezing a few extra minutes out of a day. Share your best time management strategies (the ones that you come back to again and again), or read on for inspiration from other readers' best tips.

Negative Thinking - Common Negative Thinking Patterns (And Ho…
Negative thinking patterns can make the difference between a stressful life and an exciting one. Certain negative thinking patterns are common, and impact many of us. What are your habitual negative thinking patterns? Have you found strategies that help you to successfully combat negative thinking patterns? Share your experiences here, and see what works for others.

Sources of Social Support - Best Sources of Social Support
Social support can come in many styles and from many places. What are your best sources of social support. See what other readers have to say, and share your own best types and sources of social support.

Tolerating - What Are You Tolerating?
Are you tolerating too many stressors in your life? What are you tolerating? What are others tolerating? Read more on stress and stress management.

Learn From Mistakes - What Do You Learn From Mistakes?
How do you learn from mistakes? Life's difficulties are worth the pain if they teach us important lessons in living. However, why make the same mistake twice? Or once, for that matter? Share what you've been able to learn from mistakes, and benefit from the mistakes (and lessons) from other readers as well.

Burnout Risk - What Are Your Burnout Risk Factors?
Burnout risk factors fall into major categories--high demands, low recognition, small payoff, unclear standards, high risk for failure--but they show up differently for everyone. What are your personal burnout risk factors? Read more about burnout risk factors and combating burnout, and share your own experiences.

Cognitive Reframing - What Cognitive Reframing Techniques Wor…
Cognitive reframing--the wonderful practice of looking at things in a more positive light in order to experience them as less stressful--is a simple and effective stress reliever. And there are unlimited opportunities to practice cognitive reframing to maintain a more optimistic world view. Share your best examples of cognitive reframing in your own life, or get inspired by the stories …

Goal Setting Tips and Stories: Build Motivation!
Goal setting is an important step toward achieving goals and living the life you were meant to live. Finding support along the way can be a very helpful part of staying motivated. Share your goals and goal setting tips, and find inspiration from other readers as well.

New Year's Resolutions - What Are Your New Year's Resolutions?
What are your new year's resolutions? What do you really want in life? Share your new year's resolutions and tell why they're important, and see what others are planning for the new year!

Self Sabotage Comes In Many Forms--Here Are A Few Self Sabota…
Self-sabotage can show up in a multitude of ways! Have you experienced self sabotage yourself? How did you recognize it? How did you stop? Share your self sabotage stories, and read the experiences of other readers.

How Do You Know When It's Too Much Stress?
We all experience too much stress at times. But sometimes a string of stressful days can turn into weeks or even months, and we face burnout risk. At some point, we realize that we're under too much stress, and changes need to be made. When did you know you were under too much stress, and how did you manage it? Share your stories, and get ideas from other readers.

Holiday Stress Tips - Causes and Relief of Holiday Stress
Holidays can bring significant stress! What causes you holiday stress? Have you found any holiday stress solutions that work well? Share your holiday stress stories and holiday stress relief tips here!

Quotes About Stress - Favorite Quotes About Stress
Many of us have favorite quotes about stress--funny quotes, inspirational quotes, or quotes that remind us of what's important and how to make the most of life. Here is a growing list of the most popular, insightful, and funny quotes about stress. See what touches other people, and share your own best stress quotes.

Fun Stuff - What's The Fun Stuff You Like To Do?
fun stuff, gratifications

Friendship - What Do You Look For In A Friendship?
Friendship is one of life's greatest gifts! Research shows that strong friendships can help us weather life's stresses more easily, and bring a host of other benefits as well. What do you look for in a friendship? Share your thoughts, and see what others have to say.

Better Job--How To Create A Better Job
Wish you had a better job? Many people would like to have a better job, but don’t want to take the risk to switch jobs. If you could change your job to be a better job, what would you change? Share your thoughts, and see how other readers created better jobs out of the jobs they already had!

Top Ideas for a Bucket List
When you're looking for ideas for a bucket list, it helps to hear inspiration from others. Here you'll find people's top ideas for a bucket list, and have the opportunity to share your own bucket list items and inspire others. Learn more about the benefits of a bucket list, and create your own now!

Simple Living - Tips For Simple Living
There are many routes to simple living, and the more you try, the easier simple living can be. Share your tips for simple living, and see what simple living tips have worked well for others.

Forgiveness - Routes to Forgiveness
Forgiveness isn't always easy, but it's generally necessary for emotional health and peace of mind. There are several routes to forgiveness--what's yours? Share your forgiveness recipe, and see how others manage to forgive. You'll also find linked research on forgiveness.

Affirmations - Favorite Affirmations for Stress Relief
Positive affirmations are a simple and effective tool for stress relief. Chosen wisely, they can help you remain more optimistic, with much less effort than some other routes to stress management. There are some guidelines to follow, of course, in creating your own positive affirmations, but they are simple to remember and work with. What positive affirmations seem to work best for you? Share…

Ruminate Much? Why We Ruminate, And How To Stop Ruminating
Many people ruminate from time to time. Whether it's a disagreement with a spouse, a situation at work that seems unfair, or circumstances in life that plague our thoughts, people have the tendency to ruminate--to negatively obsess--about many different topics. Do you ruminate? What topics do you seem to ruminate about? What helps you stop the rumination? Share your thoughts, and see what oth…

Emotional - How To Cope When You're Feeling Emotional
When feeling emotional, there are some ways of coping that can help you to feel better, and other reactions that can make things worse. How do you cope when you're feeling emotional or enduring emotional stress? Share your best tips for emotional health, and see what other readers have to say. Also, you'll find links to more information on...

Top Communication Tips
Healthy communication can strengthen relationships and relieve stress by helping people navigate the inevitable conflicts that arise in a beneficial way. Here are some top, proven communication tips that have can help you have less stress and more harmony in your relationships, starting today.

Stress and Eating - How Does Stress Affect Your Eating Patterns?
Stress can affect eating patterns in several ways. Some find themselves mindlessly munching when stressed, while others find themselves at a loss of appetite. How does stress affect your eating patterns? Share your experiences, and see what other readers have to say.

Signs of Stress - What Are Signs of Too Much Stress?
We all face day-to-day stress, and some amount of stress actually keeps life interesting and exciting. But what about when we face too much stress? How can we tell when we've had too much stress? One person may experience headaches, and another may have trouble sleeping, while another sign of too much stress may come in the form of panic attacks. What are your warning signs of too much stress?…

Can't Sleep - What To Do When You Can't Sleep
Can't sleep? Many people find that when they're stressed, they can't sleep, or sleeping is more difficult. There are many reasons for this, and there are many solutions as well. Find "can't sleep solutions" from other readers, and add your own best strategies for handling those times when you can't sleep.

Attraction - Law Of Attraction Success Stories
According to the Law of Attraction, people can use the principles of attraction to create what they want in their lives. Through attraction, what you focus on is said to come into your life--whether good or bad. Has this happened in your life? Share your experiences with the Law of Attraction, and see what others have experienced.

Relaxing - What Do You Find Relaxing?
Relaxing is important for balance and stress management. There are many activities that people find relaxing--and what relaxes one person may not feel relaxing to another. What activities do you find relaxing? Share your experiences and get ideas from others here.

What's a Good Day For You? How Do You Create One?
We all have our good days and our bad days, and probably want more of the good. And while some elements of a good day seem universal, we also each have our own unique idea of what constitutes a good day for us. What constitutes a good day for you and how might you create one? Share your strategies here.

Summer Stress Relief - Tips for Summer Stress Relief
Summer stress can take you by surprise. We expect fun during summer, not stress; but added summer responsibilities--kids underfoot, travel plans gone awry, vacationing co-workers, etc.--can leave us feeling more stressed than blessed. Hear summer stress relief tips from other readers, and share your own wisdom!

Anger Management Tips - Best Tips for Managing Anger
We all have our ways of dealing with anger, some of which are healthier than others. Sometimes effective anger management is a matter of trial and error. Learning from others' experiences can often help in that these strategies are tried and true. Share your best anger management tips, and see what works for others.

Causes of Stress - What Are Your Biggest Causes of Stress?
We all have situations in our lives that cause stress. And while many of us are stressed by the same things--demanding jobs, super-busy schedules, critical relatives--not everything causes stress equally in all people. Share your main causes of stress, and see what other readers have to say.

Healthy Family - Strategies For Keeping Your Family Healthy
With families finding themselves busier than ever, it's often difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a result, obesity rates and juvenile diabetes, among many other conditions, is on the rise. That's why it's important to maintain strategies that keep your family healthy. Share the habits and strategies that you've adopted to keep your family healthy, and get ideas from other readers!

Play-cation Ideas - Play-cation Ideas for Stress Relief
You may have heard of a "staycation", but what about taking a "play-cation"? Where a staycation involves relaxing at home and doing relaxing activities in your hometown in lieu of going on a traditional vacation, a play-cation involves staying in your hometown and doing fun and exciting activities with family. Share your play-cation ideas and see others' ideas.

Have Fun - How To Have Fun
It's important to have fun in your life, as a way to relieve stress, stay connected with others, maintain balance and stave off burnout. In childhood, it's easy to have fun, but in adulthood, fun often needs to become a priority. Share your best strategies for having fun, and see what other readers do to have fun!

Resilient - How Do You Stay Resilient?
Some people are tremendously resilient in the face of crisis, tragedy and major stress. Whether you are naturally resilient or resilient through focused effort, I'd like to hear from you! What helps you to remain resilient? Share your answer, and see what others have to say.

Happy - What Makes You Happy?
We all want to be happy. But, while many people are made happy by the same major things--good friends, for example--the specifics of what makes us happy can be unique. What makes you happy? How do you maintain happiness? Share your ideas, and see what makes others happy.

Lifestyle Structures - Lifestyle Structures for Stress Relief
Lifestyle structures can help relieve stress by making behavior changes more automatic. What lifestyle structures work best for stress relief? Share your experiences, and find useful tips from others as well.

iPhone Applications - iPhone Applications for Stress Relief
Stress relieving applications for the iPhone are great—they’re all relatively inexpensive, can be used very conveniently throughout the day, and can be used as viable tools for stress relief by those who already have iPhones. The following is a list of iPhone applications that can help with stress relief. What iPhone applications do you use to relieve stress? Add your answer to the list!

Eustress - What Causes Eustress For You?
Not all stress is bad. Eustress is the type of stress that's actually good for us--it keeps us feeling vital and alive! Without it, we would grow depressed and unhappy. You experience eustress when you ride a roller coaster, go on a date, or take on a new challenge. What causes you eustress these days? Share your answer, and see what others have to say.

Causes of Anxiety - What Causes You Anxiety?
There are many causes of anxiety, some rational and useful, and some hard to explain. Because chronic anxiety and stress can be harmful, it's important to manage anxiety one way or another. What causes you anxiety, and how do you manage it? Add your answer to the list, and see what other readers have to say.

Meditation Music - Music For Meditation
Music has wonderful healing and stress management benefits, and can also be used to aid meditation. What's your favorite meditation music? See what other readers use for meditation music, and add your favorite music to the list.

Healthy Lifestyle Changes - What Healthy Lifestyle Changes Helped You…
Living a healthy lifestyle and making healthy lifestyle changes can be among the most effective ways to relieve and prevent stress. What healthy changes have you made in your lifestyle? Which have been most helpful? Share your answers, and see what other readers have to say.

Stress Affects - How Stress Affects You
Stress affects us all in different ways. See how stress affects others, and tell us how stress affects you! Also, find additional resources on stress management.

Working Moms and Stress - The Stresses of Working Moms
Working moms face stressors that are unique to them. Are you a working mom? What are your main sources of stress? Share your answers, and read what other working moms have to say, in this list of reader responses.

Working Moms - Stress Tips from Working Moms
Working moms face quite a bit of stress, but they also develop some wonderful and creative strategies for relieving stress and keeping their lives (and their children's lives) running smoothly! Share your best tips, solutions, and strategies, and read the best that other working moms have to offer!

Stay-At-Home Moms - Stress Tips from Stay-At-Home Moms
Stay-at-home moms face quite a bit of stress, but they also develop some wonderful and creative strategies for relieving stress and keeping their lives (and their children's lives) running smoothly! Share your best tips, solutions, and strategies, and read the best that other stay-at-home moms have to offer!

Stay-At-Home Moms and Stress - The Stresses of Stay-At-Home Moms
Stay-at-home moms face stressors that are unique to them. Are you a stay-at-home mom? What are your main sources of stress? Share your answers, and read what other stay-at-home moms have to say, in this list of reader responses.

Doctor-Patient Experience - Good Doctor-Patient Experiences
The doctor-patient relationship is an important one! Sometimes a good doctor can make all the difference in your experience and outcome when you're facing a health issue. Share your best doctor-patient experiences, and see what others have to say.

Bad Doctor-Patient Experiences
A negative doctor-patient experience can make the process and outcome of an illness even more stressful than it would otherwise be! Have you had a negative doctor-patient experience? Share it with our readers, and see what others have to say.

Your Stress Relievers - What Stress Relievers Work For You?
Stress relievers are important in the midst of all the economic, job-related and relationship stresses people face. And because needs are complex, it's important to know about a variety of effective stress relievers to use in the many stressful situations we all face. What are your best stress relievers? Share them here, and see what works for others!

Top Self-Care Strategies
Self care strategies are important for stress relief. If you're tired, run-down, and close to burnout, the stressors you encounter in daily life are more difficult to manage. However, if you practice healthy self care, you may have greater resilience to stress and an increased ability to take whatever comes. See what self care strategies are...

Stay-At-Home Moms and Stress Relief
Stay-at-home moms face a lot of stress, which can affect the entire family. Read about common stressors of stay-at-home moms, and find stress management tips for stay-at-home moms that can help in all areas of life.

Achieving Goals - Best Tips For Achieving Goals
Setting goals can be easy--achieving goals requires a sustained effort. Find top strategies for achieving goals from people who have successfully used these techniques and have found them to work--and share your own best goal-achieving tips.

Handling Difficult People - Top Tips for Handling Difficult People
Difficult people can cause significant amounts of stress, whether they mean to or not. Because we may encounter difficult people in all areas of life, it's important to have effective strategies for handling difficult people. Read a selection of proven tips for handling difficult people, and share your own best strategies that have worked for...

Loneliness - How To Cope With Loneliness
Loneliness is something that most people face at one point or another, and it can be a stressful experience. Read the best strategies for coping with loneliness from others who have been there, and share your best advice, if you have any to give.

Caregiver Burnout Advice - Advice on Dealing with Caregiver Burnout
Caregiver burnout is a serious issue, and becoming more of a risk as the number of caregivers rises. How do others avoid or manage caregiver burnout? What advice do you have for avoiding caregiver burnout? Read and share here.

Fun Exercise - Top Fun Forms of Exercise
When exercise is made fun, it's much easier to stay on board with. Because exercise is not only great for overall health and wellness, but a fantastic form of stress relief. Here's a list of fun exercise ideas to adopt in your own life. I invite you to try a fun exercise idea from this list, or add some ideas of your own.

Flow-Activities That Promote Flow
Finding flow--a state of total absorption in a given activity to the point of being in a near meditative state--can be great for your mental health and wellness. Find a list of flow-inducing activities and tips to try, and share your own favorite strategies.

Lifestyle Balance - Finding Lifestyle Balance
Finding lifestyle balance isn't always easy, but it is a vital part of stress management for most people. Share your best lifestyle balance strategies, and see what works for a variety of others who recognize the importance of finding balance in life.

Crisis Coping - Crisis Coping Techniques
Coping with a crisis is different from coping with everyday stress--our resources tend to be lower and our needs are higher, and we're not always thinking clearly because we're often overwhelmed. What are your best strategies for coping with crisis? Share your thoughts, and see what other readers recommend.

Laugh - How People Laugh To Release Stress
Sometimes a good laugh can suck the tension right out of us. A well-timed laugh can turn a stressful, frustrating situation into a stress release or a good story for later. Have there been any times that you've decided to laugh instead of crying, and have found yourself feeling much better because of it? Share, and read the sometimes-funny, sometimes-inspirational stories of others.

Children and Stress Management - Stress Management Strategies for Children
Children face considerable stress these days, and it's important to help them learn techniques for stress management. What have you learned about stress management for children? What would you like to learn? Share your strategies, see what others have to say, and learn more on stress management for children.

Low-Stress Lifestyle - Tips for a Low-Stress Lifestyle
Daily stress can take a toll. Creating a low-stress lifestyle is an elegant solution: live a life you don't need a break from. What are your best strategies for maintaining a low-stress lifestyle? Find excellent low-stress lifestyle ideas from other readers, and share your own!

Stress and Children--Recommended Stress Relief Tips For Children and Parents
Children face quite a bit of stress these days. What are the most effective ways to manage it? Read proven strategies for stress relief for children (and for your inner child), and share your own best strategies for stress relief.

Lifestyle Changes - Small Lifestyle Changes for Big Stress Relief
Sometimes a small lifestyle change can make a big difference in your stress levels. Most of us have had experiences where a small shift can open...

Blessings in Disguise - Best Stories of Blessings in Disguise
What often look like negative life events at first sight can often be blessings in disguise. In fact, virtually all events can bring new...

Humor and Stress - Tips On Managing Stress With Humor
Maintain a sense of humor and your stressors suddenly feel less stressful! Find effective tips for using laughter to keep stress at bay, and share your own best stress and humor tips as well.

Stress Help--When Do You Know You Need Stress Help
We all know in the back of our minds that we need to keep stress at bay, but when do you know you need stress help? What was your most stressful...

Feng Shui Tips - Feng Shui Tips for Stress Relief
Feng Shui is said to bring health and prosperity. Many experience Feng Shui to be a very effective stress reliever as well. Have you used Feng...

Elements of a Peaceful Home - Top Tips and Elements of a Peaceful Home
Maintaining a peaceful home environment is an important part of overall stress management; coming from and returning to a peaceful place can give...

How Stress Can Be Good For You, And How To Get More Good Stress In Your Life
We always hear about the dangers of unmitigated stress, especially chronic stress, but what about forms of good stress? Learn more about eustress, or the stress that can be good for you, and find out how to get more of it into your life.

Grateful - What Are You Most Grateful For?
Developing the habit of being grateful for all that we have is a way to feel less stressed and more happy with life. Read what other people feel most grateful for in life, and see why. Then share your own thoughts and experiences. Let the things that make you feel most grateful be the things that bring the most joy.

Stress Relief Tips - Top Stress Relief Tips
Some stress relief tips are especially useful because they can help you relieve stress in several areas of your life. Become inspired by the best stress relief tips that come from a variety of readers, and share your own most effective stress relief tips.

Travel Stress Tips - Top Tips For Travel Stress Relief
Traveling can be stressful, as we all know. Fortunately, much of this stress can be managed with planning and the right strategies. Read about the best travel stress tips that others have to share, and offer your own.

Stop Emotional Eating Tips - Top Ways To Stop Emotional Eating
How does one stop emotional eating? Read the top tips from those who have done so, and share your best strategies to stop emotional eating. You'll also find links to additional resources to help you stop emotional eating.

Students' Stress Tips - Top Tips For Managing Students' Stress
Students are no strangers to stress, and sharing answers on what relieves stress is one way for students to help one anther out. Read on for students' top tips for managing stress, and share your own best strategies.

New Year's Resolutions - Top New Year's Resolutions for Stress Relief
Most people who make New Year's resolutions are looking to improve their lives, and a common thread in these attempted life changes involves stress relief. What are your resolutions, your dreams for the new year, and your hopes for less stress? If you could change one thing, what would it be? Share your new year's resolutions for stress...

Type A Personalities - Stress Tips for Type A Personalities
Those with Type A personalities may have a more challenging time with stress relief because they can be both more stressed and less amenable to some stress relief methods than those who don't identify themselves at "Type A." Find stress tips for those with Type A personalities, from those with Type A personalities, and share your own best...

Apologized - Best and Worst Ways People Have Apologized
What are the most or least effective ways people have apologized to you? What are the best and worst ways you've apologized to others? Share your stories on ways you've been apologized to, or how you've apologized to others. And see how others have been affected by apologies.

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