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Stress and Mental Health

Here's some important information on stress and mental health.

Letting Go Tips for Letting Go of Stress and Anger
Letting go of anger and stresses from the past is easier said than done. Learn proven techniques for letting go and living in a freer place.

Rumination How Rumination Affects Your Life
Runimationthat feeling many people get when they just cant stop thinking about something that upsets themcan cause stress and other negative consequences in your life. Learn more about rumination, the effects of rumination, and how to stop ruminating and be free.

Loneliness - How To Cope With Loneliness
Loneliness affects many people, and carries with it some pretty heavy consequences. Learn more about loneliness and how to effectively cope, to make loneliness a thing of the past.

Develop An Internal Locus of Control
Research has shown that those with an internal locus of control--that is, they feel that they control their own destiny, rather than an external locus of control where they feel their fate being largely determined by outside forces--tend to be happier, less depressed, and less stressed. Fortunately, if your locus of control isn't as 'internal'...

Overcoming Perfectionism: How To Develop a Healthier Outlook
Perfectionism can rob you of your peace of mind, enjoyment of life, and self esteem. Though it’s a process that may take a little time, overcoming perfectionism can greatly decrease the level of stress you feel on a daily basis. Here are some important steps you can take to maintain a healthier attitude by overcoming perfectionism.

How Does Positive Thinking Impact Your Stress Level?
We all instinctively know that positive thinking is important, but do we specifically know why? Or how the power of positive thinking can impact stress levels? Discover the answers to these frequently asked questions and learn how you can harness the power of positive thinking to manage, reduce, or even eliminate stress from your experience.

PTSD Medline Plus
Here’s a whole collection of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder-related resources from the National Library of Medicine. Read the latest research, learn about the latest treatments, and more.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Children
Here’s a brief article on how children can be deeply affected by trauma, with some related resources on helping your child cope with anxiety, depression and more from About’s guide to parenting children ages K-6th grade.

Repetitive Thoughts: Emotional Processing or Rumination?
Rumination, obsessive thinking, brooding--whatever you call it, repetitive negative thoughts can create stress! But how can we process emotions and generate solution--activities that can relieve stress--without thinking about the problems themselves? Read about the fine line between rumination and other forms of thinking, and see how you can keep your thoughts positive and productive, without avoiding problems.

How To Move From Rumination To Healthy Emotional Processing
Rumination--the tendency to negatively obsess on the unpleasant or stressful situations in life--has been shown to exacerbate stress levels. But what how can we process emotions in a positive way without focusing on the problem and risking the rumination trap? Here are simple and effective strategies for overcoming rumination, and finding resolutions to life's challenges with minimal stress.

Do I Need Therapy? Take This Test!
This test, from Psychology Today, asks you questions from various areas of your life to help you determine if you have healthy habits and behaviors or if you could benefit from professional intervention.

Anxiety and Depression-Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
Anxiety and depression can both result from stress. Learn more about symptoms of anxiety and depression, treatment of anxiety and depression, and what you can do to increase your wellbeing.

Anxiety Disorders Association of America
Here’s a great resource with information on Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia, Social Phobia, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and other stress- and anxiety- related disorders. Included is a special section for children and teens.

Depression: Getting Help for Yourself
Chronic stress can lead to depression. Listed are some great self-care strategies, along with information on different types of professional help that are available and how to get started with a therapist.

Stress Relief: Lessons From Botox
Botox is used by many for a cosmetic reasons, but some evidence suggests that, for surprising reasons, it can help you feel less stressed. Learn more about stress and Botox, and find more strategies for relieving stress.

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