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Top 5 Top Magazines for Stress Relief


Updated November 29, 2010

The right magazine subscription can be great for stress relief! Whether or not you practice regular stress management techniques, the monthly magazine delivery can bring with it enough great ideas to last until the next issue. What magazines carry the best stress relief benefits? From Reader's Digest to O, The Oprah Magazine, this list contains our top picks!

1. O The Oprah Magazine

I had to put Oprah's magazine at the top of the list because it contains so many wonderful articles each month, I truly find it to be one of my favorite stress relievers. Aside from covering stress management on a regular basis, this magazine has an eye toward total self improvement and personal growth, with regular sections on finances, relationships, fashion, beauty, wisdom and the latest little treats for you, like the best chocolates or gifts for friends. I'm never disappointed with this magazine, so I recommend it highly (particularly to other women).
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2. Reader's Digest

This is a great choice for men and women alike While they almost always have something on stress or health, I also love this magazine as a stress reliever because of the jokes (laughter is a great stress reliever!) and the fact that there are so many interesting and quality articles--usually on inspirational and informative topics--in such a compact magazine, you can really experience the escape of a good read when you're on a busy schedule and can't get immersed in a book.
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3. Body & Soul

This magazine is a great resource for healthy living, which can lead to lowered stress levels. It has great information on healthy meals, alternative and complimentary medicine, and more.
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4. Yoga Journal Magazine

Whether you practice yoga on a regular basis, have a casual yoga habit, or are just wondering about how to get started with a healthier lifestyle, this magazine is great because it covers yoga topics for beginners to old pros, as well as other topics that can help relieve stress.
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5. Natural Health

Along the lines of healthy living, this magazine contains information on natural food and nutrition, exercise, simplicity and the mind/body connection. All of this can help lower your stress levels and enable you to live a healthier lifestyle.
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