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Stress Relief Gifts Under $15

Great Gifts, Great Prices: Stress Relief Gifts Under $15


Updated December 02, 2010

Good things come in small packages, but sometimes good things come with small price-tags, too!  Here are some great stress relief gifts that will cost less than $15, but bring lasting enjoyment and stress relief to your family and friends.  That makes them great gifts for you as well as your recipients!

1. Zen Candles

Having a lit candle flickering in a room can bring a peaceful presence to your interactions there.  Beautiful candles can also provide a focus for meditation</a>, or a pleasing scent</a> for stress relief.  Candles can shift the mood of a room, and make excellent gifts for those who enjoy a little peace or need some passive stress relief.  Try one of these zen candles and candle-holders.

2. TAZO Vanilla Rooibos Tea

This is my favorite tea--it provides full-bodied flavor, a hint of natural sweetness, and has a relaxing feel.  It doesn't contain caffeine, so I don't have to worry about what time of day I'm enjoying it.  The bags are made of actual fabric, and there are no staples to hold the tea bags together, so they are resistant to breaking open when steeping (something that I've actually experienced with some paper teabags), and the bags can in fact, be microwaved with the water without sparks flying. This tea makes a great gift for yourself as a reward for a job well done or a milestone reached, and it can be given as a gift, either alone or with a beautiful mug, to allow even those who aren't normally tea-lovers a soothing set of sips. 

3. Meditation CDs

There are many far-reaching benefits to building a meditation practice, but it can be much easier with a teacher or guide.  In addition to the meditation resources on this site</a>, you may want to try (and give) one of a variety of meditation CDs.  They can walk beginners through the process, introduce experienced meditation practitioners to new techniques, and provide variety and a soothing experience, all at a relatively low price!  Check out some of the great meditation CDs available--there's at least one for everyone.

4. Carex Hot & Cold Pack

This heating and cooling pad can be warmed and placed around the neck, soothing sore muscles and tension that comes from stress. Relaxing with this heating pad and listening to soothing music, enjoying aromatherapy, and enjoying a quiet meditation or review of high points of the day, can be part of a soothing ritual that combats chronic stress.  It makes a nice gift for yourself or for any stressed people in your life.

5. Bath & Body Works Optimism Aromatherapy Roll-On

I love these aromatherapy roll-ons!  You can dab a little scent on your temples, around your neck, or other areas where you'll be able to enjoy the scent for hours as you go through your day.  You'll feel less stressed without even realizing it!  This is another one that makes a great gift for yourself or for others!

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