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Holiday Gift Ideas: What Do People Really Want?

And The Most Desired Gift Is...


Updated November 28, 2011

Holiday Gift Idea #4: Cash

I like money. So do many people. Usually, money is a gift that people will invariably use (especially if it is given as cash rather than in check form). The benefits of giving cash include convenience (you don’t have to shop for it) and widespread appeal. It, however, can also seem like a less-thoughtful gift (as mentioned, you don’t have to shop for it, and it carries no special meaning), and it runs the risk of being spent on nothing more special than the heating bill for that month — not to mention that you leave the price tag on your gift. Cash is great in some instances: cash can be put toward something big that someone is saving for, it can become any other gift and giving a large amount of cash automatically comes across as very thoughtful. If you’re on a budget, though, a cash gift makes that obvious.

Bottom Line: Some people love getting cash as a gift, and some people don’t. Know your recipient. If you’re on a budget, I recommend finding some amazing sales and making your cash stretch in to a larger gift.

Holiday Gift Idea #5: Electronics

While electronics are No. 5 on the list of gifts people plan to buy, they’re a good buy because they’re the most-hoped-for gift type among both men and women! Electronics are also relatively easy to shop for and can be functional and even stress-relieving. While not everybody is dying to have an iPod or a Nintendo DS, many people are. Since Nintendo is now marketing itself to women and older ages, video games aren’t just for teenage boys anymore. Just be sure that you get a receipt, and that the person you’re buying for will actually use what you give them. Many people are surprised that those in older generations are really enjoying this technology, but not all of them do.

Bottom Line: Electronics are the most-hoped-for gifts for a reason: they can be really great gifts, even for those who may not seem like they’d be interested in electronics. If you get electronics that help your recipient reduce stress, it’s a bonus gift. Just be sure you include gift receipts if you’re not sure whether or not your recipient wants electronics.

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