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Positive Attitude: Develop a Positive Attitude for Stress Relief

Positive thinking can be learned. Here's how to develop the habit of maintaining a positive attitude!

Stressful Day? Here's How To Feel Better
Feeling stressed today? Here's how to turn a stressful day (and downward spiral into overwhelm) into a day of promise.

How To Learn From Your Mistakes
Developing the ability to learn from your mistakes is one of life's most important skills, and it's a process. Read some simple strategies to help you learn from your mistakes so that you can make the most of life's challenges, no matter how they work out.

Reframing and Stress Management
When facing potential stressors, the way we view what we're experiencing can exacerbate our stress--or minimize it! Reframing is a time-honored, psychologist-recommended method of looking at things in ways that create less stress and promote a greater sense of peace and control. Learn more about reframing techniques for stress management.

Create 'The Good Life'
Positive psychology, the study of what makes life worth living, shows us many different ways to live a pleasant life, a good life, and a meaningful life--and all can help with stress relief! Learn about living 'the good life' and relieving stress at the same time!

Gratifications: What They Are, and How To Use Them
Including more gratifications in your life can lead to less stress, greater job satisfaction, and greater overall wellbeing. (Makes you want to learn more about gratifications are, doesn't it?) Learn about gratifications, and how to use them for stress relief.

Is it safer to be a pessimist?
If you're a pessimist, you may be more likely to create a safety net for yourself to protect yourself when things to wrong, but does that mean it's safer to be a pessimist? Read more about optimism and pessimism, and dealing with the major stressors that come with life.

Pleasures In Life That Help Relieve Stress
The pleasures in life can bring real benefits, too! Learn more about adding pleasures to life and relieving stress in an enjoyable way, creating a pleasant life in the process.

Acceptance in Life for Stress Relief
One of the most effective ways to relieve stress and attain inner peace is to practice acceptance of things we can't change. Learn when and how to practice acceptance.

Happy People – Secrets of Happy People
We all want to be happy people. Here are some benefits and characteristics that happy people share, with resources to help you be one of the world's happy people.

Having Fun – Laughing More and Having Fun
Having fun is an important part of stress management. Because studies show such wonderful health and stress relief benefits to laughter and even the anticipation of laughter, having fun should be a priority in the life of anyone who wants more health and happiness and less stress. Here are some strategies for having more fun in your life.

How to Maintain a Gratitude Journal for Stress Relief
Keeping a gratitude journal is a simple and effective way to relieve stress and increase your overall emotional well-being. Here are some no-hassle strategies for maintaining a gratitude journal for stress relief.

How To Reduce Stress And Feel More Grateful For What You Have
Cultivating feelings of gratitude can lead to a happier life and a reduced sense of stress. Learn how to create more positive feelings throughout the day and build resilience toward stress by finding simple ways to work gratitude into your day. Feel more grateful, starting now!

Cultivating Gratitude - The Benefits of Gratitude for Stress Relief
Studies show that gratitude can enhance emotional wellbeing. Learn more about the benefits of gratitude and how to cultivate an attitude of gratitude in your own life.

Maintain A Sense of Humor
Life can be extremely challenging at times. One coping technique you can use virtually anytime and anywhere is your sense of humor. Learn the value of humor for stress relief, and discover the secrets to using your sense of humor as you cope with life's challenges.

Cope With Stress and Become More Resilient
Emotional resilience is partially inborn, but can (and should) be learned and developed. If youd like to be able to handle lifes challenges (both major and minor) with greater ease, to grow from adversity, and to turn potentially negative events into positive ones, the following steps can help you to do just that, and to become more...

Use The Law Of Attraction To Create A Better Life
The law of attraction—the reality that our thoughts and feelings create our experiences, and that we attract to ourselves what we focus our attention on—has been known to sages for thousands of years, but is just now gaining mass popularity due to “The Secret”, Oprah, and other mass media outlets. Because of this, you can now use the law of attraction to relieve stress, and to attract the life you want. The following steps can lead you to the life of your dreams, via the law of attraction.

Showing Gratitude and Appreciation: A New Stress Management Tool?
In letting our loved ones know how much we appreciate them, we help them to feel loved, and bring perhaps even greater benefits for ourselves. Learn the benefits of showing appreciation, see how it can help with stress management, and find strategies to make gratitude and appreciation a daily part of your life.

How Helping Others Can Reduce Stress and Increase Happiness
Are you as happy as you'd like to be? Helping others is a great way to help yourself, by bringing more meaning, increased self esteem and stronger relationships to your life. Learn more about how helping others can increase your happiness level and reduce stress in your life.

Safeguard Your Happiness with Stress Relievers
If you're constantly in a state of stress, it's difficult to really enjoy life. More importantly, chronic stress can significantly impact your health in many ways. Therefore, for greater life satisfaction, it's important to have a few stress relievers on hand to help you feel less stressed and overwhelmed, and more open to enjoying life. ...

How and Why to Enhance Your Self Esteem for Stress Relief and Personal Happiness
The way you feel about yourself, your self esteem, impacts your happiness level, and also can make life more or less stressful for you. Learn how and why, and find resources to develop a stronger sense of self esteem for stress relief and a stronger level of personal happiness.

Create Energy, Become More Productive & Relieve Stress With A Positive Attitude
If you're like most of us, you'd love to have more hours in the day. While it's impossible to create more time, you can create more natural energy for yourself so you can be more productive, enjoy your time more, and have more time for what you enjoy, wasting less time on being non-productive. Developing a positive attidude is an important way to increase your energy level. Find resources to develop a "Can Do Attitude" so you can make the most of your time.

How and Why to Use Positive Affirmations as a Stress Management Tool
Positive affirmations are a great way to develop positive self talk, a can-do attitude, relieve stress and more. Learn more about how positive affirmations can help reduce stress, find guidelines on how to create your own positive affirmations (tailored for your personal goals), and find creative ways to incorporate positive affirmations into your life.

Free Positive Affirmations for Stress Relief
Positive affirmations can help you manage stress and maintain a can-do, optimistic attitude. Here are some affirmations designed to help you relieve stress by maintaining a peaceful state of mind and increasing feelings of safety and self-efficacy.

Reduce Stress by Surrounding Yourself with Positive Energy
Negative self talk and negative energy can adversely affect you in many ways. However, you can reduce stress and increase wellbeing by surrounding yourself with positive energy and developing positive self talk. Here are some important ways to bring more positive energy into your life.

Reduce Stress and Improve Your Life with Positive Self Talk
Negative self talk can limit you, increase your stress level, and adversely affect your self concept. Here are some ways you can stop negative self talk from damaging you, and reduce stress and improve your life by developing the habit of positive self talk.

Negative Self Talk and Stress
Self talk is the internal dialogue we use to view the world, expain situations and communicate to ourselves, and the type of self talk you use--negative self talk or positive self talk--can affect the level of stress you experience. Learn why, and find resources to change your self talk if need be.

How To Become More of an Optimist
Optimists experience increased health and longevity, less stress and more success. Fortunately, an optimistic way of thinking can be learned and taught! Taking the time to change your thinking patterns and explanatory style can produce significant benefits in your overall quality of life. Take these five simple steps and learn to become more of an optimist today!

The Stress Management Optimism Quiz: Are you prone to being optimistic or...
Studies show that optimists enjoy increased health and longevity, less stress, and are able to persist and succeed where others might quit after a failure. Take this self-test and, with 10 questions, discover whether you have a positive or negative explanatory style, and learn how this impacts your life. You'll also find resources to help you...

The Power of Optimism for Stress Management, Productivity and Overall Health
Positive thinking and optimism have many proven benefits, including stress management benefits, improved performance and productivity, and superior overall health and longevity. Learn about explanatory styles and attributional styles, the distinguishing features of optimists and pessimists, and find out how becomming an optimist can benefit you!

Stress, Humor and Health: How Laughter Can Reduce Stress and Increase Health
Research shows that laughter has some amazing health benefits. Laughing can relieve stress, increase pain tolerance and support the immune system, as well as serve several other healthy purposes. Learn more about the positive effects of laughter and how to use humor to relieve tension, manage stress and improve overall health and well-being.

Introspective Stress Relievers That Address The Cause of Stress
There are many great stress relievers out there, but perhaps the most useful ways to relieve stress are the ones that help you explore the cause of stress that you're feeling so you can work through your feelings and perhaps prevent future stress. Here's a list of great introspective ways to relieve stress and explore the cause of stress at the...

Quiz: Do You Have a "Type A" Personality? Take This Self Test To Find Out!
Do you have a Type A Personality? Take the Type A Personality Quiz from About's Stress Management Site and see if type a personality characteristics may be causing more stress in your life. Also, find more information about type a personality and resources for dealing with type a personality characteristics in yourself and others.

Stress and Self Sabotage:Are You Creating Additional Mental Stress For Yourself?
Are you the victim of self sabotage? Sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot by reacting to stress in ways that cause even more stress! Could you be causing yourself unnecessary mental stress by reacting negatively and aggressively in situations where a level-headed approach would quickly take care of the problem? The following are some of the most common ways that people unknowingly create mental and emotional stress in their own lives.

How To Use Positive Reframe Strategies for Stress Relief
Sometimes when a day seems stressful or overwhelming, relaxation is just a positive reframe away. Positive reframe techniques are simple to use...

How Does Positive Thinking Impact Your Stress Level?
We all instinctively know that positive thinking is important, but do we specifically know why? Or how the power of positive thinking can impact stress levels? Discover the answers to these frequently asked questions and learn how you can harness the power of positive thinking to manage, reduce, or even eliminate stress from your experience.

Shift Your Focus and Relieve Stress
You can combat rumination by shifting your focus away from your stress. You can take stress management to the next level by taking on these healthy habits. Learn how to shift your focus and relieve stress.

How Language And Stress Are Connected
Language has a powerful impact on how we perceive the world, and on how stressed we feel. When you understand how the impact of language works, you can soothe your stress levels and change your own self-talk patterns. Learn more about the connection between words, thoughts, and stress, and learn how to use this information to your advantage.

Rumination: Why It's So Difficult To Stop Obsessing
Rumination can grab on and not let go; most people have experienced it from time to time. Why is it sometimes so hard to stop thinking about stressful events from the past? Here is why it's hard to mentally move on, and what you can do to free your mind from rumination.

Attitude is everything, it's been said. Here's a look at how the way we respond to surprises can reveal more about our attitudes and what causes us stress than we may realize. You may be surprised!

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