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Practice Chocolate Meditation


Updated August 12, 2014


Chocolate can help with stress relief in a few interesting ways!

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The chocolate meditation is one of the most pleasurable, 'delicious' forms of mindfulness meditation out there, and it's a very convenient one, too: it's simple enough for beginners, but effective enough to interest those experienced in meditation and seeking some variety. The chocolate meditation also brings the same benefits of meditation as other forms, but is perhaps easier to commit to, because it has a built-in reward above and beyond the general rewards of meditation: chocolate! Here's how to do it:

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 5-15 Minutes

Here's How:

  1. For the chocolate meditation, you need, of course, a piece of chocolate. I recommend a small piece of dark chocolate with a large cocoa content, but you can use a chocolate kiss, a handful of semi-sweet chips, or whatever you have on-hand. It need not be a large piece of chocolate, either; in fact, bite-sized or a little larger is best.


  2. Next, take a few deep breaths to relax your body. You want to start your chocolate meditation as physically relaxed as possible. Close your eyes, if you feel comfortable with it.


  3. Finally, take a small bite of your chocolate. Let it sit on your tongue and melt in your mouth. Notice the flavors from the chocolate, becoming completely absorbed in what you're experiencing right now. Continue your deep breathing, and concentrate on the sensations in your mouth.


  4. As you swallow, focus on how it feels going down. Notice how your mouth feels empty. Then, as you take a second bite, try to even notice how your arm feels as you raise the chocolate to your mouth, how it feels between your fingers, and then in your mouth. Again, focus on the sensations you are feeling in the present moment.


  5. If other thoughts come into your mind during your chocolate meditation, gently refocus your attention to the flavors and sensations associated with the chocolate. The idea is to stay in the present moment as much as you possibly can.


  6. Savor this feeling. When you're done savoring your chocolate, revisit the feeling throughout your day, and feel more relaxed. You may choose to continue your meditation after the chocolate is gone, or simply resume your day immediately afterward.



  1. You don't need to consume large quantities of chocolate during this exercise. In fact, if you're doing it carefully, you won't need to consume much at all.


  2. If you're sensitive to chocolate or have issues with sugar, you can try a similar type of meditation with raisins or other savor-able food you're able to safely eat.


  3. If you meditate every day, you'll find lasting benefits and perhaps even a greater resilience toward stress.


What You Need:

  • A piece of chocolate


  • The will to eat it mindfully


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