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Medication and Herbal Treatments For Stress

Here are some herbs, supplements and medications people are finding helpful in helping them to manage high levels of stress. (While you should ALWAYS consult a doctor before taking new medications or supplements, this should give you a better understanding of what's out there, and how it works, and serve as a starting point for your discussion.)

Cortislim and Your Health
You may have heard about the recent controversy over Cortislim, a popular new diet suppliment that claims to help people lose weight quickly. You may have heard that it’s effective. You may have heard it’s ineffective. You may have even heard about a lawsuit pending! Here are the facts on Cortislim, cortisol, and health.

Natural Treatments for Stress and Anxiety
About’s guide to alternative medicine has several great suggestions of herbs and vitamins that can be used to treat stress and anxiety, along with some other great information.

Kava Kava
The Definition Of Kava Kava, With Related Information—From The Stress Management Glossary at About.com

Keeping Your Medications in the Medicine Cabinet? Stop!
It sounds ridiculous, but if you are using medication for stress-related conditions, or are planning to, you may want to find a different place to store them. Find out why your medicine cabinet may be the worst place for your medicine, from Stacey Lloyd, About’s guide to Lung Diseases.

Are You Over-Medicated?
Sometimes when you visit several doctors for different ailments, you will be prescribed medications that "overlap" with one another (i.e. the active ingredient in one drug is the same as that in another). This is referred to as double-medicating or over-medicating. Over-medicating can not only cost you unnecessary expense, but in some cases it can also cost you your life.

An A For Vitamin C
Did you know that Vitamin C can help fight the physical signs of stress? Learn more about this great little supplement, and what it can do for you!

Vitamin C Reduces The Effects of Chronic Stress
An increase in vitamin C may enhance your ability to handle stress. Read more about this research, including how much vitamin C you should be taking.

Herbal Health Solutions
Here is an article discussing different vitamins and herbs that some people use to help manage stress. While it’s important to talk to a doctor before taking new supplements, this is a great resource to see what’s available, and how it works, for those who seek a more natural treatment.

Chill Pills
If stress gets overwhelming, what medications do people take? This article explains the different herbal and drug options that may hear about, but not fully understand.

Psychiatric Medications Pharmacology
Here’s a very thorough list of various medications that can be used to treat psychiatric conditions, including stress-related ones. From Ablilfy to Zyprexa, and everything in between, you can learn virtually everything you would want to know about each, including a basic description, contraindications, recommended dosages, side effects and more.

Herbal Remedies Can Be Harmful When Mixed With Medication
Because they’re all natural, many people assume that herbal treatments for depression, anxiety, and other disorders can cause no harm, but if taken in conjunction with other medication, some remedies can decrease the effectiveness of the medication! Read more about it here.

Antidepressants play an important role in mental health care. Their role in helping people manage everyday stress in changing in recent years, however. Learn more about the changing patterns of antidepressant use and other forms of stress management that effectively help people manage stress.

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