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Managing Job Stress

Here’s some valuable information on how to manage the stress that comes with your job.

How Can I Deal With The Stress of a New Job?
Working a new job can be exciting, but, as with other lifestyle changes, a new job can also bring stress. The following tips can help you deal with the stress of a new job, or any other lifestyle change.

Job Satisfaction: Find Satisfaction At Your Current Job
If you’re overstressed and at risk for job burnout, you may feel that a major life overhaul is necessary for you to be able to enjoy your job and avoid burnout. Before making major changes, this article can help you to better enjoy your situation with a few minor adjustments, and give you food for thought on whether major changes may be...

Job Stress: Chronic Job Stress is a Risk Factor for Heart Disease and Diabetes
Recent studies have found a link between chronic job stress and metabolic syndrome, a cluster of health factors that increase the risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes and other health conditions. Learn what you can do to reduce work-related stress and stay healthier.

Make Stress Work for You
About’s Canadian Small Business expert has some great strategies for not only coping with stress, but becoming stronger because of it. Concise and informative.

Tips For Managing Stress And Change At Work
About’s Human Resources guide discusses what causes stress, both positive and negative types, what affects our coping skills, and what we can do to reduce and manage the stress we have in our work and personal lives.

Laughing Your Way To Organizational Health
Psychotherapist and stand-up comic David Granirer explains the research on and importance of laughter in the workplace, and how it can actually increase productivity. This is especially relevant for those working in human resources and running companies, but also useful for anyone who works in an office.

Love Your Job
Like many people, you may find that the job you currently hold is not the job of your dreams. However, while finding a new job may be a good idea for you, this article makes a good case for loving your current job while you’re still there, and gives some useful tips on how to do it.

Get A Grip On Job Stress
According to a poll, 82% of workers experience job stress at least some of the time! To learn how to deal with a work-related stress, read this informative article from USA Today.

Work Stress, Family Stress: Seperate Experiences For Mom and Dad
This is a nice summary of research on how men and women are affected by the two types of stress, and how changing roles influence the stress we experience. Interesting findings!

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