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Instant Energy For Stressed and Busy People

Create Energy So You Get More Out Of Your Day: Get Enough Sleep


Updated April 29, 2012

Instant Energy For Stressed and Busy People

Get more sleep, have more energy, find more time in your schedule! ©iStockphoto.com

If you’re like most of us, you may wish you had more time in the day. While I can’t offer you a 25-hour day, I can offer strategies for increasing your energy level so that you make the most of the time you do have. The following tips are designed for stressed and busy people who would like increase their energy levels in a healthy way in order to get more out of their waking hours, making it seem like there is more time in the day. Here are some great ways you can up your energy level:

Get Enough Sleep: It may seem counter-intuitive to spend time sleeping when you are already busy and would like to have more time in your life, but skimping on sleep can make you move slower, think less clearly and be less productive overall. It’s better to get the full 7 or 8 hours of sleep you need so you’re functioning at optimum levels so you’ll get more done and enjoy your life more during the time you’re awake. If you’re having trouble finding the time for good sleep, or if stress is preventing you from sleeping soundly, the following tools can help:

  • Power napping is a great way to supplement your night’s sleep if you just can’t clear your schedule for a full 8 hours per night. Read more about how and why to power nap here.

  • Are you overscheduled? If you’re reading this article, the changes are good that you have too many activities in your life. This quiz can help you determine if you need to cut back on some of your commitments, and supply you with tools to best accomplish this.

  • Is stress affecting your sleep? If so, these healthy habits can help you relax at night, quiet your mind, and promote better sleep, which will supply you with better energy during your waking hours.

Create Energy By:

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