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New Year Resolutions for Stress Relief


Updated February 22, 2012

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Cull Your Clutter
New Year Resolutions for Stress Relief

Culling clutter can help you mentally and even financially, and relieve stress, too. ©iStockPhoto.com

Living in chaos can create stress. Whether you’re overloaded by clutter, disorganized with your schedule, or carrying excess emotional baggage, disarray can make you feel scattered and rob you of resources. While many of us live in cluttered homes, for example, most of us don’t realize that the clutter can rob us of time (as we look for keys and lost items), money (as we pay late fees on bills and things we can’t find) and peace of mind (as sitting in a cluttered room can drain your energy without you even realizing it). This year, you can take weight off your shoulders by being more organized with your time, giving away things you don’t need and maintaining your home as a haven. Shooting for perfection isn't necessary--even small changes in these areas can create a tangible difference in how you feel; start small and make gradual changes, or give yourself a lifestyle makeover starting today. Either way, these resources can help:

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