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New Year Resolutions for Stress Relief


Updated February 22, 2012

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Sleep and Stress Relief - Stress Relief Resolutions
New Year Resolutions for Stress Relief

Getting enough sleep can be great for your health and reduce your stress level, too. ©iStockPhoto.com

Around the first of the year, most of us begin turning our attention to ways we can improve our lives. While resolutions often center on developing new habits that will get us into better physical shape, reducing stress and getting into better mental and emotional shape can provide huge rewards. Eating right and getting exercise generally top most people’s lists of goals for the new year. But this year, it might be wise to incorporate new habits that will reduce stress and increase happiness and overall life satisfaction.

Here are some important steps you can take to be a happier, healthier and more relaxed you in the coming year:

Get Enough Sleep

Being sleep deprived can be both a cause and an effect of being stressed. While stress can keep people up at night, operating on too few hours of sleep can make people less productive, more emotional, and more reactive to stressful events in their lives. This year, you can gain significant benefits by striving for better quality and greater quantity of sleep at night. The following resources can help:

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