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Secrets To Finding Personal Control Over Stress


Updated November 17, 2007

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Thought Pattterns: Optimism, Perfectionism, and Type A Personality
Secrets To Finding Personal Control Over Stress

Optimism can bring many stress relief benefits, as well as improved health and increased success. ©iStockPhoto.com

Optimists have been found to be healthier and happiness, as well as more successful in life. Optimists tend to minimize and de-personalize the negative events that occur in their lives while really focusing on and taking personal credit for the positive events. This resorts to increased resilience as well as greater confidence, stronger personal relationships, and other positive life events. While some people are more naturally prone to optimism than others, optimism is also a habitual thinking pattern that can be learned and cultivated. Other thinking styles that affect people’s stress levels (and the stress levels of those around us) include Type A personality features and perfectionistic tendencies. Here you can test your tendency toward Optimism, Type A Personality and Perfectionism, and find tools to change your habitual thinking style if necessary.
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