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Secrets To Finding Personal Control Over Stress


Updated November 17, 2007

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Introduction: Mental Stress Relief and Personality Factors
Secrets To Finding Personal Control Over Stress

You can develop personality traits that lead to stress relief and feelings of personal freedom. ©iStockPhoto.com

It’s well documented that a significant proportion of stress can be attributed to our perceptions of events, and how we process what we’re experiencing. That is to say, two people can experience the exact same set of circumstances and one person will be energized and excited while the other feels stressed and overwhelmed. A third person in the same situation may feel some stress, but not to the point of feeling overwhelmed. The differences in these reactions can translate into a greater feeling of personal happiness and life satisfaction, and even improved health for those who feel less stressed by the events of their lives. What causes one person to experience a sense of stress and frustration when another person may feel calm or energized?

Personality Factors And Stress Relief
Some of us are just born more reactive to stress. Nurses in hospitals have been able to identify such differences in the temperaments of babies who are only one day old! Some infants react more negatively to physical stimulation or change than others who remain relatively unfazed. These temperament changes are inborn and enduring, but can be minimized to an extent with childhood experiences and efforts made as adults. These resources on positive self talk, as well as the rest of the tips (below) in this article, can help your stress level whether or not you’re naturally sensitive to stress.

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