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How Your Home Interior Can Influence Your Happiness and Stress Level

Your Home Interior Can Influence Your Internal States


Updated March 20, 2012

How Your Home Interior Can Influence Your Happiness and Stress Level

A soothing home interior can help you feel peaceful and happy. ©iStockphoto.com

Does your home interior soothe or stress you? Interestingly, a cluttered environment can cost you in energy, time and even money, whereas a clean, organized home can soothe you and provide a haven from stress, backdrop for fun with friends and family, and a place to feel safe and at peace. According to the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, the way your home is laid out and decorated can actually bring you money and good fortune, or take it away; however, even if you don’t practice or believe in Feng Shui, keeping a home interior that’s organized and soothing to your sensibilities has clear benefits. To better understand the link between your outer world and your inner world, I have the following resources:
  • How Clutter Causes Stress: Clutter can not only affect your peace of mind, but your bank account as well! Learn about the effects of clutter and find resources you can use to combat the chaos and create a home interior that soothes you and your guests.

  • How To Maintain a Soothing Home Interior: Creating a haven from stress and a great place to enjoy family and friends can bring happiness as well. Unfortunately, keeping a clean house doesn't come naturally to everyone. These tips can help you create and maintain a soothing environment with minimal stress.

  • Create a Home Spa: One of the best ways to let your home relieve stress and create good feelings is to use it as a spa! Here are some easy and fun ways to create a home spa experience in your home.

Find more information and tips for stress management with these ongoing stress management resources.

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