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Journaling for Stress Management

Journaling is a great way to reduce stress, process your feelings, better understand yourself, and have a catalog of your life's events. Learn more about how to use this great stress management tool.

Journaling: A Great Tool For Coping With Anxiety

Journaling As A Tool For Emotional Stress Relief
Journaling is a highly effective tool for stress relief, and can be practiced in several different ways. Here are a few different journaling techniques to try. They each ease emotional stress from a different angle, and can be practiced by virtually anyone.

Coincidence Journal - Route To Luck
We all experience lucky coincidences that point us to opportunities, resources and answers to our problems. However, we're often too stressed or busy to notice and take advantage of these opportunities. Learn how to notice and maximize the lucky coincidences in your life.

10 Goal Setting Strategies for Stress Relief
Sometimes we feel stressed because we’re not achieving things that are important to us, or our focus is headed in the wrong direction. Daily stress can result from a lifestyle that isn’t in line with our values, and an overall feeling of underlying tension when part of us feels we’re not leading the life we’d hoped for. These goal setting...

Journaling for Stress Management: Selecting a Journal
Journaling is a very effective stress management technique that provides other health advantages as well. Here's some brief information on choosing the right journal for your 'journey', with additional resources on journaling.

How to Begin Journaling and Reduce Stress in Your Life
With all the proven stress management and health benefits of journaling, you have every reason to try it! Here are some valuable tips to get you started.

The Benefits of Journaling for Stress Management
Journaling is an effective stress management tool that provides numerous emotional and health benefits. Learn more about how journaling can reduce stress and improve health and functioning.

Cheap Gift Idea - Journals For Stress Relief
It pays to find cheap gift ideas that go a long way -- gifts that will be used regularly, can bring stress relief, enhance enjoyment of life, and aren't necessarily something that your loved ones would buy for themselves. Journals can be great as an individual gift, or included as part of a thoughtful gift basket. They can help start a lifelong...

How To Find The Positive In A Negative
We don't always choose what challenges we face in our lives, and sometimes these challenges and losses can range from disappointing to stressful to devastating. Focusing on what we gain when we face life's difficulties, on 'making lemonade out of lemons' or 'finding the gift' can increase our resilience and help us to process a difficult experience. Here is how to focus on the positive.

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