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Be Happy: How to Stay Holiday-Jolly All Year


Updated January 09, 2012

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Listen to Music That Makes You Happy
Be Happy: How to Stay Holiday-Jolly All Year

Music brings lots of cheer during the holidays. What's more, music can contribute to happiness year-round.

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The holiday season can be a stressful time. It’s also a time of year we look forward to like no other, because of all the aspects of the season that make us happy. Because of all the wonderful benefits that come from cultivating happiness and maintaining a good mood, I suggest that we all take the things that we love about the holidays (or other special times we enjoy) and make them part of our everyday lives throughout the year.

Here are my top six suggestions for bringing the "cheer" to the rest of the year.

Holiday Music:

Like many people, I have a holiday playlist of songs that I love and that I mostly listen to this time of year. (Mine includes an eclectic mix of everything from "O Holy Night," sung by various people, to The Kinks’ "Father Christmas" and the USA for Africa classic, "Do They Know It’s Christmas?").

Whatever your musical choices, the songs we play tend to get us into the moods we enjoy, bring back memories of other happy times and generally make us feel good. The increased presence of music can really enhance our experiences this time of year.

New Year Inspirational Music:

Teenagers are generally pretty adept at immersing themselves in music, but what about the rest of us? Many of us don’t make music a daily part of our lives as we could. For those of you who aren’t already doing so, I suggest that in the new year (whatever time of year you are reading this), you make an effort to add more music to your life. Either by bringing your MP3 player with you more often, exploring musical consumption options like the website Spotify or just turning on music when you come home and keeping it on whenever it makes sense to do so. Explore new types of music, and add your old favorites to your playlist as well. You can even sing or whistle your own!

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