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Survive Black Friday, The Most Stressful Shopping Day Of The Year


Updated November 15, 2011

Survive Black Friday, The Most Stressful Shopping Day Of The Year

Online shopping is a very viable Black Friday option, though you may want to wait until "Cyber Monday," the Monday after Thanksgiving, to find the best deals.

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Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is generally known as two things: the biggest shopping day of the year, and the most stressful. Many people avoid this shopping day altogether because of the stress involved in fighting the crowds, but for those who dare to brave some discomfort, Black Friday presents an opportunity to get all of one’s holiday shopping done at once among amazing sale prices and great selections. Stretching money further is a great way to avoid the stress of holiday debt, so Black Friday can ultimately be worth the effort. Here are some tips to relieve the stress of Black Friday shopping:
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: Several Hours

Here's How:

  1. If you’re going to partake in Black Friday, be prepared. Know which stores you’d like to visit (considering not only what sales will be the best deal, but what items you actually want to purchase) and figure out the most reasonable route to take. Have your whole list ready, and mark things off as you go.

  2. Get as many items as you can at the fewest stores. This will reduce the number of lines you need to wait in, and the amount of walking you have to do while carrying armloads of shopping bags.

  3. Be courteous to others, but accept that during a shopping frenzy, people will be tired, cranky, and competitive, and clerks will be exhausted. If people around you are rude and pushy, don’t let it get you down. It’s all part of Black Friday.

  4. When it comes to shopping buddies, have your priorities in mind. Do you want to be as efficient as possible, thereby spending the least amount of time immersed in the Black Friday shopping frenzy? Then go solo. However, if you have similar shopping objectives and want a more enjoyable trip, it may work well and be more fun to have a buddy with you.

  5. See if you can get dropped off and picked up at the mall to cut down on the madness of finding a parking spot. It can reduce stress and help you feel like a 'tween' again.

  6. Arrive as early as you comfortably can, ensuring you’ll find the merchandise well-stocked, clerks energetic and the people around you less stressed.

  7. If you want to forgo all of this, online shopping is a viable option. You may pay a little more for shipping (unless you find deals with free shipping, which are definitely out there), but you also save in driving costs and time. However, with these Black Friday tips, braving the stores in person can be less stressful and more fun. The choice is yours!


  1. If you have a shopping buddy with you, working as a team can help a lot. You can save one another’s place in line for potty breaks, help each other with gift ideas, and share some laughs over the madness around you while you enjoy some green tea during a shopping break.

  2. Look at the stress you may experience as ‘excitement’; try to view the hassle as ‘a challenge’. Much of the difference between a stressful experience and an exhilarating one is your attitude.

  3. Remind yourself that, if you get all of your holiday shopping done, you can enjoy the rest of the season much more knowing your lists are complete, and the reward for your hard work is the discounts you receive.

What You Need

  • A complete shopping list and pen.
  • A healthy breakfast.
  • A sense of adventure!

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