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Stress and Heart Disease

Here's the latest information on stress and your heart.

Does Stress Really Cause Heart Disease?
You may have heard that stress causes heart disease, and you may have heard that research says it doesn't. About's Cardoilogy guide, Dr. Richard N. Fogoros, has an in-depth look at these conflicting accounts, with recommendations to keep you healthy.

The Cardiac Stress Test
Here’s an article describing the process of taking a cardiac stress test, with an explanation of what exactly is measured, from Dr. Richard N. Fogoros, About’s cardiology guide.

Stress and Heart Disease
Did you know that one out of seven men will have a heart attack or disabling heart disease before the age of 60? Here’s a brief fact sheet that tells you some surprising facts about stress and its effects on your heart and your overall health.

Coronary Artery Disease Screening Tests
If you are concerned that you may have heart problems, here’s an overview of various tests they can run to see if you are at risk, from MedicineNet.com.

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