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Simple Living Tips For Stress Relief

Live More Simply To Relieve Stress In Your Lifestyle


Updated July 31, 2013

Simple Living Tips For Stress Relief

Simplifying your thoughts can relieve stress; simplifying your lifestyle can do this as well.

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Being in the midst of a financial crisis, most of us are trying to learn to live with less. While simple living used to be a lifestyle people would pursue primarily as a means to stress relief and personal fulfillment, many people are finding that a simpler lifestyle is becoming an economic necessity. However, when simple living is not a choice, people can feel more deprived and stressed than fulfilled. (See these resources on locus of control and threat vs. challenge to better understand why.) If you find yourself taking on the practice of simple living due to financial need, and you want it to be as low-stress as possible, the following tips and resources can help you to adapt new habits that can yield positive results with less stress.

Develop The Right Attitude

The first and most important step to living a simpler lifestyle and feeling fulfilled rather than deprived by having a ‘life of less’ is to change your attitude. Focusing on what you have, rather than what you’d like to have; on connecting with people instead of impressing people; on consuming less instead of acquiring more, can help you to shift your overall attitude toward the ‘stuff’ in your life. Likewise, even if you’re not going the route of simple living by choice, remind yourself that the end result of the practice of simple living can lead to greater personal fulfillment and less stress. This can help you feel rich in ways that have nothing to do with your bank account.

For more help in developing the right attitude, I suggest you read this article on developing an attitude of gratitude. It’s a good start in the right direction!

Pare Down

Believe it or not, one way to feel like you have more is to give away some of what you already have! If you have any clutter in your house, you can open up new energy by clearing it away; going through and getting rid of things you don’t use may also alert you to things you didn’t realize you had. If you clear away things you no longer need, you’ll be left with something even better—a home that’s a haven from stress, that just feels good to be in. Once you start enjoying the feeling of an uncluttered existence, and once you get used to that feeling, you can appreciate the gifts of surrounding yourself with less stuff. You can really appreciate simplicity in your life.

These articles on the toll of clutter and decluttering strategies can help you to better understand the role of clutter in your life, and change it.

Learn About Resources

There are many different ways to get what you need for less money—sometimes even free! Part of living a simpler lifestyle is knowing what’s available around you, and taking advantage of these resources. We all know about the library, of course, and coupons that you get in the paper, but did you know that you can often rent DVDs for free from the library, or use coupons in conjunction with sales and special offers to save huge percentages of your grocery bill? Becoming aware of all the well-known and lesser-known resources around you can help you get what you need, for less.

If you want to learn about the free resources you can find in the world, About.com’s Frugal Living Site has a wealth of up-to-date information in this area, and can be a great tool for more simple living.

What are your best tips for living simply? Share them in the comments section of this blog, or in the Stress Management Forum.

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