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General Techniques for Stress Management

Here are several ways you can reduce tension and feel less stressed relatively quickly.

How To Manage Stress
Stress is an unavoidable part of life, and can work for you or against you. Finding a balanced way to manage stress is vital for your health and happiness. Here are some proven strategies for not merely enduring stress, but using it to your advantage when possible, and creating an optimal balance in your life.

Stress Management Tips - Share Your Best Stress Management Tips
We all experience daily stress, and have developed some strategies for dealing with it. What are your best stress management tips? Share your best stress management tips, and get stress management tips from other readers. The more stress management tips you find, the more options you have for dealing with daily stress!

Aromatherapy Benefits: Scents for Stress Relief
Aromatherapy brings many stress relief benefits, and various individual scents carry aromatherapy benefits of their own. Learn more about the aromatherapy benefits of some of the most popular scents, and how you can use them for stress relief.

Aromatherapy for Stress: Research and Techniques
Aromatherapy, once somewhat unknown, has hit the mainstream and is touted by an increasing number of manufacturers as an effective stress relief tool. Is it? Read about the research behind aromatherapy and how aromatherapy may be used for stress relief.

How Should I Deal With Negative Emotions?
We all deal with negative emotions like anger, frustration or hurt feelings from time to time, and they can be a significant source of stress for many of us. Learn how to effectively handle negative emotions and the stress that comes with them.

How Can I Clear My Mind?
Do you find yourself obsessing about stressors in your relationships or problems at work? Learn how to clear your mind and ease your stress.

Gardening for Stress Relief
Planting a beautiful garden can be a great way to relive stress! Whether you have a small patio to decorate, or a vast amount of space to tend, the act of making your particular stretch of nature into a haven can be a stress reliever in itself, and the garden that you create can bring you even more peace. Learn why, and find resources to get...

Home Spa for Stress Relief: How to Set Up a Soothing Home Spa Experience
Self care is important for stress management. Giving yourself a spa experience can be a wonderful tension tamer, and you can do it at home! Following these guidelines, you can relieve stress tonight--easily and inexpensively--with a home spa experience.

Exercise as a Stress Management Tool: Improve Your Mood, Boost Immunity, Look...
While exercise can help your overall health and longevity, and assist you with weight-loss goals, physical exercise has many stress management benefits as well. Learn why working out and getting more physical activity in your life can help you relieve tension and manage stress with increased endorphins, social support, improved immunity and...

Laughing Your Way To Organizational Health
Psychotherapist and stand-up comic David Granirer explains the research on and importance of laughter in the workplace, and how it can actually increase productivity. This is especially relevant for those working in human resources and running companies, but also useful for anyone who works in an office.

The Definition Of Biofeedback, With Related Information—From The Stress Management Glossary at About.com

Music Therapy
The Definition Of Music Therapy, With Related Information—From The Stress Management Glossary at About.com

Relaxation Response
The Definition Of Relaxation Response, With Related Information—From The Stress Management Glossary at About.com

Stress, Humor and Health: How Laughter Can Reduce Stress and Increase Health
Research shows that laughter has some amazing health benefits. Laughing can relieve stress, increase pain tolerance and support the immune system, as well as serve several other healthy purposes. Learn more about the positive effects of laughter and how to use humor to relieve tension, manage stress and improve overall health and well-being.

Exercise for Stress Relief
About’s Exercise expert has some great tips for incorporating exercise into your life. Soon, you’ll be less stressed, healthier AND more attractive!

All About Tai Chi
Many people enjoy practicing Tai Chi for stress management purposes. Learn more about the practice of Tai Chi, and find additional resources to get started, from About's guide to martial arts.

The Benefits of Aquarium Fish
Numerous studies have shown health and stress management benefits for watching aquarium fish, including reduction in stress, lowering of blood pressure, improvements in altzheimer's patients and calming in hyperactive children. Learn how to harness the power of fish!

Weight Training 101
Exercise guide Paige Waehner has some important tips to help you begin a weight training regime, which can help you reduce stress and improve overall health.

Top Self-Care Strategies
Self care strategies are important for stress relief. If you're tired, run-down, and close to burnout, the stressors you encounter in daily life are more difficult to manage. However, if you practice healthy self care, you may have greater resilience to stress and an increased ability to take whatever comes. See what self care strategies are...

Top Relaxing Techniques
These relaxation strategies can help you to feel relaxed quickly. Over time and with practice, they can also increase your resilience toward stress!

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