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Stress Relief Games and Electronics

Video games, consoles, and more--here are some high-tech stress relief tools to check out!

Group Games - Favorite Group Games
Group games can foster a sense of bonding and fun. Group games can also take your mind (and your friends' minds!) off of the stressors of the world. What are your favorite group games? Share your top picks, and get ideas from other readers.

Board Games For Fun Game Nights
Studies in positive psychology show that relationships are a key ingredient of a happy, healthy lifestyle, and I heartily recommend regular game nights as a method of having fun and bonding with family and friends. Here are my favori

Time Management And Productivity Tools
About’s Human Resources guide supplies descriptions and links to ten great tools, including books, software, and other items, that can help you manage your time at work and at home more efficiently, which will greatly decrease your stress level. One of these may become indispensable for you!

iPod Fun: Fun iPod Uses for Stress Management
Did you know that a video iPod can also be a great stress management tool? Here are ten ways that iPod fun can also relieve stress. Use these tips with your iPod and have a healthier, less stressed lifestyle!

Nintendo Wii: What's All The Buzz About?
You may have heard a lot about the Nintendo Wii. What's all the buzz about? Seasoned video gamers and first-time players alike are loving this console for good reason. Hear the pros and cons of the Nintendo Wii from a stress management perspective.

Nintendo Wii Fit
Nintendo Wii Fit is a popular game among a widely diverse group of people. This review focuses on the pros and cons of Wii Fit from a stress management perspective, and explains how the Wii Fit can be used to relieve stress.

Nintendo DS Lite
The Nintendo DS Lite is a very popular toy for kids, but can also be a fun, effective tool for stress relief for adults and kids alike. Read about how the Nintendo DS can be used as a tool for a healthier lifestyle.

Electronics Gifts for Stress Relief
Electronics gifts are among the most-wanted gifts for both men and women, and for good reason. They offer ongoing fun and can help relieve stress, too. Here are some top recommendations for electronics gifts that can help relieve stress, that will be loved and appreciated by all. And, hey--you may just find something here to give yourself!

My Weight Loss Coach for the Nintendo DS
Games like My Weight Loss Coach are the reason why so many non-video-game types are now getting Nintendo DS systems. This particular game can also be a great stress reliever. Learn more about why My Weight Loss Coach is a good buy for the stressed and busy as well as the overweight.

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