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Top 5 Non-Addictive Online Games for Stress Relief


Updated May 15, 2014

I’m a fan of online games for stress relief for those who enjoy them. They’re convenient, they can take your mind off of stress for a few minutes, and they’re generally free. The downside with some of them is that they can be addictive, taking up more time than they should and causing additional stress in the long run! If you need a quick distraction and would like to get into a more relaxed frame of mind but only want to spend a few minutes at it, I recommend the following ‘online toys’ from ZeFrank.

1. Meditation Flowers

This interesting game allows you to sing, chant, or drone your own sounds and, in response, interesting graphics appear on screen. It’s a great way to get into a different frame of mind in only a few minutes without risking being drawn into an addictive game that sucks up half your day, and it allows you to use the cathartic power of music and the benefits of deep breathing. (Note: you need to enable your microphone for it to work.)

2. Puppets

If you like (or at least can tolerate) vintage Beastie Boys, this one’s really cool. You’re presented with a puppet that dances to “Shake Your Rump”, and you get to alter how the dance goes. You can stay active in the dance, or just sit back and get into a near-meditative state with the music and visuals.

3. Flowers

If you like flowers but aren’t able to do any gardening at the moment, this page presents you with three great options: create your own flower, create a garden (and send to a friend), or browse the community garden and see what others have come up with. (I recommend the flower-creating option; it’s great for creativity.) It provides a few of the joys of gardening in a venue you can enjoy at work: your computer.

4. Build Yer Own Kaleidoscope

I love this one! You can create a kaleidoscope by dragging colorful shapes into a circle. The images cycle automatically, and can be very relaxing to watch. I’m not sure which is more fun: creating the kaleidoscope, or viewing it as you go. Either way, it’s relaxing and fun, and takes your mind off of your stress for a few minutes.


Inspirational quotes can help you remember to operate from a place of strength and wisdom, especially under stress. This game allows you to view inspirational quotes and watch them turn into designs that fill your screen. You also have the opportunity to provide your own favorite quotes and watch the designs they create. (If you’re looking for quotes, this thread from the Stress Management Forum has many great ones.)
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