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Fun Stress Polls: A Fun Way to Check Public Opinion: Page 2

Look Inward, and Compare Your Answers


Updated February 22, 2012

Fun Stress Polls: A Fun Way to Check Public Opinion: Page 2

What do you think? What do you think others think? Cast your vote!

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Do You Have Personal Goals For The Future? Most of us have dreams for the future when we're little, but often real life takes over, we get busy and stressed, and our goals turn to getting through the immediate stresses of the day. Still, it's hard to reach your goals for the future if you don't have them. Do you?

Do You Like What You Do? If you don't really like what you do, the little things you face each day will likely stress you even more than they normally would. So the question is: Do you enjoy what you do? (This applies to the 'work' of your life, whether it is at a job, at home caring for children, as a full-time student, etc.)

Do You Stress About Things You Can't Control? From terrorist attacks to traffic, there are many things in life that can affect us but are out of our control. Other things are somewhat within our control, but may never happen, such as the loss of a job or a friend. How much do you worry about hypotheticals and things beyond your control?

What's Your Favorite Stress Management Strategy? There are many effective stress management tools out there, and they each carry their own benefits and drawbacks. Some carry more benefits than others, but much of the appeal of any particular stress reliever comes down to personal preference. So the question is: What's Your Favorite Stress Management Tool?

Do You Exercise Regularly? We all know that exercise is great for our health, but it's also a great stress reliever. We know we should be working out regularly, but the question is, how many of us do?

How Much "Me Time" Do You Get? With our busy lives, it's easy to find that, after fitting all responsibilities into your schedule, there's little time left over for hobbies, exercise, "down time", or even enough sleep--the "me time" activities that really help manage stress! So this week's question is: How Much "Me Time" Do You Get?

What Are Your Unhealthy Responses to Stress? Stress can lead to some bad habits. Aside from the major negative responses to stress that obviously require professional intervention, there are some very common unhealthy responses that many of us find ourselves falling prey to now and then, or even on a regular basis. This poll, which allows you to give multiple answers, invites you to share the unhealthy habits that seem to becon you when you're under stress.

What Stresses You The Most? What area of your life causes you the most stress? Vote, and see if others are experiencing the same type of stress you are!

Do You Generally Like Unsolicited Advice? Throughout the course of daily life, and especially when things get stressful, it seems people often want to give us advice--whether we ask for it or not. Though people have different reasons for giving advice, ranging from altruism to a desire to control, and one size does not fit all, but one person's trash can be another person's treasure, there are many ways to accept--or not accept--advice. So the question is: Do You Generally Like Unsolicited Advice?

How Often Do You Lash Out At Others? We all get overwhelmed with stressful situations at times, and sometimes people react with anger and loss of temper. So the question is: how often do you lash out at others?

How Often Do You Take Vacations? Vacations can be great stress relievers, helping us be happier, healthier and mroe productive. Unfortunately, many of us don't take vacations as often as we should. So the question is: How Often Do You Take Vacations?

What Stresses You The Most?
From jobs to kids to finances, many areas of our lives can cause stress. Quiz yourself, compare your answers to others', and find resources to help. (You can pick two or more answers.)

How Cluttered Is Your Home?
Is your home a clutter-free haven from stress, or a minefield of messes? You may be surprised by what other people have to say! Vote, and find resources to help create a sanctuary out of your home.

Do you have more to say? Discuss Your Answers In The Forum

Do you have an idea for a poll? You can email me your poll suggestion and I might make a poll out of it soon! (Are there any stress questions you'd love to have others answer?)

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