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Diet Tips For The Stressed


Updated June 05, 2011

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Diet Tips For The Stressed

These Diet Tips Can Help You Stay On Track! ©iStockPhoto.com

Studies show that calorie restriction can be good for your longevity. Additionally, for those trying to lose weight (or stay the size they are), calorie restriction has been shown to be more effective in weight loss than exercise, though both are important. And because a balanced diet rich in certain nutrients can work to prevent many major illnesses, healthy eating may be the next major focus in health care.

But knowing the importance of maintaining a healthy diet is just part of the equation. Despite best intentions, many people find themselves falling short of their diet ideals due to various diet traps, or factors that may sneak in and sabotage a healthy diet. The following diet tips can help you to combat some of the main diet traps people encounter (most of which are stress related) and maintain a healthy diet that keeps you feeling great.

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