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Fight Stress with Diet and Suppiments

You can reduce your level of stress just by eating right, and have the added benefit of increased health and beauty. Here’s what you need to know!

Mindful Eating Exercises - Strategies for Mindful Eating
Mindful eating exercises can aid in weight loss as well as stress relief. Try these proven mindful eating exercises for a few days, and see what kind of difference you notice with your relation with--and enjoyment of--food.

Mindful Eating For Health
Mindful eating is a simple and effective tool for eating less and enjoying your food more. Mindful eating can help you to lose weight and manage stress at the same time. Learn more about the benefits and practice of mindful eating.

Diet Tips For The Stressed
Despite best intentions, many people find themselves falling short of their diet ideals due to various ‘diet traps’, or factors that may sneak in and sabotage a healthy diet. The following diet tips can help you to combat some of the main diet traps people encounter, and maintain a healthy diet that keeps you feeling great.

Stress and Emotional Eating: How To Stop Emotional Eating
As anyone who’s watching their weight will tell you, hunger is just one of many reasons that people eat. If you’re an emotional eater, you may find yourself eating to deal with uncomfortable emotions, using food as a reward when you’re happy, and craving sweets or unhealthy snacks when stressed. This article can help you to cut down emotional...

Good Nutrition: How to Combat Stress with Good Nutrition
Good nutrition may be hard to maintain when you're stressed and busy. Ironically, as poor nutrition can contribute to stress, good nutrition is most important for stressed, busy people! Here are ten simple tips for good nutrition that can help you reduce your stress level and improve your health. (You may even lose weight!)

Stress and Nutrition: How Stress Can Cause Poor Nutrition and Poor Nutrition...
Stress and nutrition affect one another in several ways. Learn how stress can cause poor nutrition, and poor nutrition can cause additional stress, and find resources to combat the self-perpetuating downward spiral caused by too much stress and nutrition deficiencies.

Healthy Eating Plan: Reduce Stress and Stay Healthier With A Healthy Eating Plan
With our stressed, busy lives, we tend to eat out and ingest fast food more and more often. But healthy eating is easier than you might think--if you have a plan. Here's a healthy eating plan that can help even the most stressed and busy people maintain a more healthy diet.

The Real Foods Diet
As you probably know, the foods you eat can affect your stress level and overall health. About’s guide to alternative medicine has some great suggestions for replacing your SAD (Standard American Diet) with a healthier blend of foods, and making changes you can stick with.

The Glycemic Index
You can use The Glycemic Index on a daily basis to manage your weight and improve your energy levels, but by controlling your blood sugar levels, you can improve your moods and your response to stress, and help yourself feel less stressed –out in general. Learn how.

An A For Vitamin C
Did you know that Vitamin C can help fight the physical signs of stress? Learn more about this great little supplement, and what it can do for you!

Eat Right To Fight Stress
The food we eat affects us on many different levels. Psychology Today discusses the connection between diet and your emotional state, and gives great suggestions on what you should eat to feel more calm—and what you should avoid!

Spices for Stressed Eaters
Spices can be a secret weapon for health. Learn how to use spices for healthy eating, especially when you're stressed!

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