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Understanding, Managing and Avoiding Burnout

The following are some valuable resources to help you understand and avoid burnout, whatever your life situation.

Job Burnout Quiz: Assess Your Risk For Job Burnout
Is your job putting you under excessive levels of stress? Our work lives take up much of our waking hours, and affect us greatly. This job burnout self test is designed to analyze features of your job that may put you at a greater risk of job burnout, and assess your emotional state and feelings about your job, to let you know more about your...

Stress and Burnout: Burnout Symptoms and Causes
Stress and burnout are closely related; those experiencing high amounts of stress often risk burnout, which is becoming increasingly common among American workers. Learn about stress and burnout, burnout symptoms, and some common causes of burnout.

Job Burnout: Job Factors That Contribute to Employee Burnout
There are several factors that can contribute to burnout, including job-related features, lifestyle factors and personality characteristics. This article focuses on the job-related features that can cause or exacerbate job burnout. Some companies and industries have much higher rates of burnout than others. The following features tend to cause more stress, taking more of a toll on workers:

Personality Traits and Attitudes That Increase Your Risk For Burnout
Certain lifestyle and work factors can put you at risk for burnout, but did you know that your personality traits and attitudes can be a burnout risk as well? Learn what characteristics can increase your stress level and put you at greater risk for burnout, and find resources to deal.

Job Strain - All About Job Strain and Job Strain Management
Job Strain - All About Job Strain and Job Strain Management

Daily Life Stress and Burnout: What Presents The Highest Risk?
Burnout has many causes, and several have to do with the type of lifestyle you lead. Daily factors like social support (or lack thereof) can contribute to chronic stress and, eventually, burnout. Learn more about life stress and burnout, discover what factors put you at the highest risk, and find resources for combating burnout before it...

The Link Between Work Stress and Happiness
Work stress is extremely prevalent in today's society, and can impact happiness levels, health, and other important aspects of your life. Learn more about the link between work stress and happiness, and find resources to have a healthier, happier life.

Creating Restful Vacations
Restful vacations can relieve stress, stave off burnout, and enhance overall wellbeing. But not all vacations are restful. Here are some research-proven ingredients to effective and restful vacations.

"I'm an overwhelmed stay-at-home mom. Help!"
Stay-at-home moms face unique stressors. Read one mom's experience, which is quite common among stressed stay-at-home moms, and find tips for relieving stay-at-home mom stress. Leave your own best tips as well, and find advice that works from other readers.

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