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Cheap Gift Idea - Journals For Stress Relief

Journals Are A Cheap and Thoughtful Gift Idea: Here's Why


Updated November 29, 2010

It pays to find cheap gift ideas that go a long way -- gifts that will be used regularly, can bring stress relief, enhance enjoyment of life, and aren't necessarily something that your loved ones would buy for themselves. Journals can be great as an individual gift, or included as part of a thoughtful gift basket. They can help start a lifelong habit for emotional stress relief, and can be a good fit with virtually every recipient, since they bring out what's great in people. The following are a selection of journals that can be thoughtful but cheap gifts for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or a gift for yourself.

1. Asian Landscape Journal

This is a very beautiful, very sturdy journal.  As a special gift for a special person, this is a great bet!  This journal is beautiful to the point of inspiring people to want to write from the heart, and the craftsmanship makes it a lasting investment, and a great deal for the price. For a beautiful, all-purpose gift that would fit well for just about anyone in your life, you almost can't go wrong with this journal.

2. Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude

Here's a wonderful gratitude journal for a mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, aunt, grandmother or best friend, especially one who is new to journaling or writing in a gratitude journal.  It's filled with inspirational and thought-provoking quotes, and leaves a few lines for writing each day.  It's perfect for someone who doesn't have a lot of time for journaling, but wants encouragement to write every day--there are just enough lines to fill quickly and easily, without feeling like a 'novel of gratitude' needs to be written.  Perfect for a busy woman who needs to take a little quiet time for herself each day.

3. Even Happier

This interactive gratitude journal, by Tal Ben-Shahar, one of the leading researchers in happiness and Positive Psychology, contains weekly exercises, writing prompts, and more, all aimed at helping you to become even happier.  It's a great resource for anyone who is dealing with mild to moderate daily stress and unhappiness, and is one of the best resources in this genre.  Because of the benefits it can bring, I'd recommend it as a wonderful gift for virtually any occasion.  You may want to get one for yourself while you're at it!

4. A Serenity Journal: 52 Weeks of Prayer and Gratitude

Here's a wonderful journal that combines gratitude and spirituality.  It presents writings and passages that can help the writer take stock of the blessings they have in their life, examine and explore their prayer and other spiritual practices, and cope with negative moods as well.  It's a wonderful gift for anyone who is already practicing prayer and spirituality, and would benefit from a more structured practice or support in taking some time each day for self-reflection and meditation.  It's a great book for just about any occasion, but would be especially useful around the holidays and new year, as it's a 52-week journal.

5. Wreck This Journal

I absolutely love this book, and so do my children!  Each page has silly, adventurous, or creative instructions for things to do to wreck the journal: rip out a page and send it through the laundry, stain a page with coffee and other food, have your car (or a friend's car) run over another page.  The thing that's great about this journal is that it gets kids (and the young-at-heart) active and creative, and it's just plain fun.  It's not the standard kind of journal that you may think of when we talk about 'journaling', but I just have to include it in this list because it makes such a great gift for kids, tweens, teens and even fun-loving adults.  We received it as a gift from our babysitter, and it pulled my shy son out of his shell, delighted my outgoing son, and created several days of fun activities they shared with friends.  It's a great find for a gift.

6. The Twilight Saga Journals

Here's a set of journals with beautiful covers inspired by the Twilight Saga, including quotes from the books and from other inspirational literary works.  This set of journals comes in a decorative tin, and is perfect for beginning journalers (teens, tweens, and others who loved the Twilight series), as the expanse of free pages can be really invite reflection and thought.  With its beauty and dramatic presentation, this set of journals makes a great gift.

7. Large Moleskine Ruled Notebook

This large, basic notebook is well-constructed and attractive.  The ruled pages allow plenty of room for long written passages, so this journal is wonderful for people who know what they want to write about, and want plenty of room to do so. Another thing I like about this journal is that it's suitable for men or women; many of the journals I've found are beautiful, but somewhat feminine, but this one would make a great gift for a grandfather, dad, or brother, as well as any savvy woman in your life.  It could also be useful for To Do lists, plans for the future, and other less-traditional forms of 'journaling'.  I have several of these, and I really enjoy using them for many purposes.

8. Journal Bliss - Creative Prompts to Unleash Your Inner Eccentric

This fun, whimsical journal is great for creative types, especially those who need a little encouragement. Its many prompts and exercises, encouraging words, and beautiful pictures can be very inspiring for those who want to relax and create. It's a great gift for the right person. If you know someone who used to draw as a child (or perhaps is still a child and still loves to draw), this just may be the perfect gift for unleashing creativity, getting into a state of flow, and relieving stress.

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