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Top 6 Healthy Treatments for High Blood Pressure


Updated June 30, 2014

Stress and other factors can lead to high blood pressure, a potentially dangerous health condition. While there are several ways to lower blood pressure, one effective and natural strategy is to use stress relievers that have also been shown to reduce high blood pressure. These stress relievers tend to steer clear of negative side effects and carry with them other health benefits. Learn more about healthy and natural treatments for high blood pressure that also relieve stress and promote overall health at the same time.

1. Meditation

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Meditation is a very effective stress reliever that carries many health benefits as well. Chief among them is lowered blood pressure. If you think of meditation as a challenge, you may pleased to know that there are different types of meditation, and some include easy strategies for beginners. This article can give you more information on the types of meditation so you can find a practice that works for you!

2. Yoga

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Yoga is great for your body, mind, and blood pressure! Whether you're able to bend into a pretzel or can barely touch your toes, there are many different levels of yoga, so there's a yoga workout that's perfect for you. This article on the benefits of yoga can tell you more about the many positive ways this type of exercise can impact you, and point you to resources you can use to get started!

3. Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)

Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a very effective stress reliever that can be performed in many places including your office as well as your home, making it convenient as well as effective. It's a great stress reliever as well as a blood pressure reducer. Learn more about PMR and find out how you can get started right now.

4. Breathing Exercises

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Breathing exercises are one of my favorite stress relievers because they can be done virtually anywhere--even as you navigate stressful situations like conflicts with others and racing to meet deadlines. Because breathing is included in this list, you can probably guess that they can also lower blood pressure. Learn more about how to use breathing exercises to lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and promote overall health.

5. Music Therapy

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Music has been shown to be a great stress reliever by calming the body and the mind, and has other health benefits as well. In fact, music therapy is actually a tool used in hospitals to relieve pain and promote healing. Listening to music can speed up or calm down your physiology, and has been shown to aid in lowering blood pressure as well. Learn more about the benefits of music, and find how to use music in your daily life to lower blood pressure and relieve stress.

6. Sex!

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Besides being enjoyable, sex can be a very effective stres reliever. Within the context of a healthy relationship, sex brings many benefits for stressed individuals, and has even been shown to bring physical benefits such as lowered blood pressure. Learn more about how stress can affect your sex drive, how sex can be a great stress reliever, and how to get in the mood for sex, even when you're under stress.
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