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Stress, Blood Pressure and Stroke Risk

Here's what you need to know about stress, your blood pressure, and your risk for having a stroke.

The Connection Between Stress and Stroke Risk
Stress and stroke risk are often linked in general conversation. But does research link stress to stroke risk? Learn about the relationship between stress and your risk of stroke, and find resources to lower that risk, whatever the cause!

Healthy Treatments for High Blood Pressure
there are several treatments for high blood pressure, one of the most effective and natural treatment strategies is to use stress relievers that have also been shown to reduce high blood pressure. These stress relievers tend to steer clear of negative side effects and carry with them other health benefits. Learn more about healthy and natural...

Natural Treatments for High Blood Pressure
About’s guide to Holistic Healing has some tips on how to detect severe high blood pressure, some of it’s causes, and how to treat it naturally.

Lower Your Blood Pressure
Here’s a thorough piece from FamilyDoctor.org that explains all about blood pressure, what affects it (including stress), and what lifestyle changes will help lower your blood pressure and keep you healthy.

Caffeine, Stress and Blood Pressure
Did you know that drinking coffee throughout the day can put you at an increased risk of developing heart disease or having a stroke? This research article explains why.

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