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How To Cope with Sickness, Health Concerns, and Conditions

Here you will find effective coping techniques to keep stress at bay while managing health conditions from the common cold to chronic disease.

Surgery Stress Relief Techniques
Having surgery can bring a lot of stress. Aside from worrying about potential complications, even minor surgery (if there is such a thing) involves risk and requires recovery time. Here's how to relieve some of the stress from surgery, and speed healing, too!

Doctor-Patient Stress Relief
The doctor-patient relationship is a very important one. Dealing with health issues, whether major or routine, can be stressful, and the relationship you have with your doctor can exacerbate or minimize some of that stress. The doctor-patient relationship, and doctor-patient communication, can impact how you feel about yourself during a vulnerable time, and can affect your health in several ways as well. Read more about that here.

Help! What Are Some Effective Strategies For Coping With Illness?
When diagnosed with a serious condition, stress can increase the difficulty of coping with illness. And, according to a recent poll on this site, a significant percentage of people believe that stress may be at least in part responsible for a serious illness. For these reasons, it's important to have effective stress relievers and coping...

How Can I Reduce The Stress Of Chronic Illness?
Stress and Chronic Illness

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