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Stress and the Importance of Sex - Stress and Stress Management
Read a bit on the importance of sex for stress management. ... Exercise keeps you healthy and attractive, and reduces stress. Learn why and how you should ...
Sex as a Stress Management Technique
May 29, 2014 ... Have you ever wondered how much truth there was to the idea that a healthy sex life works nicely as a stress salve? Here's some research on ...
How Stress Can Lead to a Low Libido
Stress can dampen your libido, but there are steps you can take to bring back a healthy sexual appetite. Photo from iStockPhoto.com. Updated August 11, 2014.
Ten Tips for a Healthy Sexual Intimacy After a Sex Addiction
Apr 28, 2014 ... It can be difficult for recovering sex addicts to know what a healthy intimate relationship feels like. Maureen Canning, MA, LMFT, herself a child ...
What are the Roadblocks to Healthy Senior Sex? - Senior Living
Healthy senior sex can happen at any age. Candid information about senior sex issues including healthy sexuality, desire, male impotence and female sexual ...
OCD and Sexual Dysfunction - Tips on Coping - About.com
For many people, one of the key ingredients required for a healthy romantic relationship is an active sex life. Although sexual problems are relatively common , ...
Sex Addiction - Addictions - About.com
Maureen Canning, MA, LMFT, herself a child abuse survivor, recovered sex addict, and relationship therapist, identifies key characteristics of a healthy sexual  ...
Sexual Health Issues - Women's Health - About.com
Sexual health issues such as sexually transmitted diseases or STDs, sexual dysfunctions, and sexuality issues are explained. Learn about the symptoms, ...
Sex And Arthritis - Sexuality - Intimacy - Arthritis & Joint Conditions
Information about how arthritis affects sex, sexuality, and intimacy. ... Sex and Intimacy - The Effect Arthritis Has on Sex and Intimacy .... Healthy Aging Expert.
Sex, Longevity and Healthy Aging - Sex and Life Expectancy
Sex is important for healthy aging and longevity. Not only can a healthy sex life make life rewarding and satisfying, frequent sex can actually increase your life ...
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